Friday, June 17, 2005

What if the cup only half is in an empty world....

- Busy, busy, busy: I’ve been surprisingly busy at work lately… which is good. The day goes by a lot quicker. But, that means a whole lot less time for Emil to blog. That’s actually not entirely accurate. I could still probably find the time to blog, but now my lil’ break time at work is spent just reading random shit online and not really bothering to write shit. Writing shit takes way more effort. Especially if I want to keep this blog up to its high-standards of brilliance and hilarity. Anyway, I’d like to thank you all for being patient with me. (It makes me really uncomfortable to address an anonymous, “you” audience in this blog. I feel kinda conceited thinking there’s actually people reading this thing… like I’m insulting your intelligence by assuming that you’re here… which is really paradoxical, because you wouldn’t even know I was assuming that you were here if you weren’t here in the first place to witness my assumption… and thus, no harm is done in me assuming that you’re here because if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be, and if you are here, well, you’re here… so, yeah, no harm done… well, except for tricking myself into believing people actually read this shit… *sigh*). Anyway!

- Serg’s Chain Mail BS: I like proving to Serg that his assessment of me as truly “softhands” is accurate. So, I’m going to b e a nice guy and respond to his stupid chainletter thing. Let me just say this though: Serg’s blog has fallen off so much that he’s had to resort to replying to stupid chain letter bullshit. Get your game tight, Serg. Maybe it’s time for some guest bloggery on your blog to get shit rollin’ again. You suck. Anyway, here we go:
    Total volume of music files on my (work) computer: Only about 2 gigs
    Total volume music files on my (home) computer: I think around 4 gigs. Most of it is garbage that I’ve listened to once, decided sucked, and simply haven’t gotten around to deleting yet. So, worthwhile shit that I listen to? At most, less than a gig.
    Last CD I bought was: This is actually a really tough question since I buy mostly vinyl. I think the last CD I actually paid for was the Caps and Jones Moving In Stereo mixtape… which was well worth the $6 I spent on it.
    Song Playing Right Now: Judy and Holofernes “Throw Your Skinny Body Down” courtesy of Bambouche from the Vanguard Squad.
    5 Songs I listen to A Lot These Days: In no particular order: Lil’ Wayne “I Miss My Homies,” Faith Evans “Again,” Kelis “Trick Me,” Beanie Sigel “Look at Me Now,” Ghostface Killa “Wildflower.”

- Berube back again: I realize the Berube posts I link are usually pretty niche-market, high-brow, academic BS that only a few people care about, but I still find his shit to be unusually exciting. So, with that disclaimer out of the way, Berube blogs here about Terry Teachout’s piece about Blogging that laments the loss of some shared “common culture” in today’s blogosphere. If you find this paragraph interesting, go read the whole piece:

    In other words: common social spaces, and shared norms of citizenship, do not require a common “culture.” Quite the contrary: too much common culture can actually be corrosive of common social spaces. So, then, may the blogosphere evolve into a common social form, and may a thousand uncommon cultures bloom in it, writing about last night and about the Beatles and about all manner of cultural phenomena.

- Ready To Die: This making of “Ready To Die” is fucking hot. Only the first half, but it’s good enough.

- The Metro Sucks: I know this isn’t a revelation to anyone, but “The Metro” newspaper fucking sucks. It’s totally uninteresting and the writers suck and the stories that receive headlines are usually absolutely redonkulous and totally undeserving. Granted, it’s not as fantastical, yellow-journalistic as “The Post,” but this fucking paper sucks and I totally wouldn’t bother with it if it weren’t for: (a) the adorable woman outside of MSG that hands me my free copy every morning who is just so damn sweet and sincere when she asks me how I’m doing, smiling all big, wishing me a nice day; (b) it’s free; (c) it looks cool sticking out of the back pocket of my jeans; and (d) I do the crossword puzzle on the way home from work. Now I’m not using the following as an example of why “The Metro” sucks—it’s just related. In today’s NY “Metro,” in the “Today’s Debate” column, the paper asks 4 people “Were you surprised by the autopsy results for Terry Schaivo that said she had irreparable brain damage?” And three of the four cracked me the fuck up. Listen to these fucking idiotic response.

    1. Erika Smith, 27, Artist, Brooklyn: “I’m not surprised because I had somebody in my family who has brain-damaged and she could mimic things.”

    What a fucking idiot. So, all degrees of brain-damagery are the same right, and if you can’t “mimic,” then you ain’t shit right?

    2. Julia Hecker, 27, Nurse, Manhattan: “No, I’d assumed that. I think the whole life support thing is a waste.”

    Hold on. Did you hear what this Nurse just said? JESUS CHRIST! A FUCKING NURSE THINKS LIFE SUPPORT IS A WASTE! WHAT THE FUCK?!

    3. Aaron Pursell, 23, Photographer and hairstylist, Manhattan: “No, it doesn’t surprise me.”

    What in the fuck? What in the fuckity fuck? First of all, I wish you people could see this “hairstylist’s” hair in this picture. What a fucking dork. Second of all, did nobody respond to the question in a more interesting manner than this guy? This guy just said “No.” He answered it in that 5th grade way where you’re taught to answer questions in full sentences, but dude, how is this a useful response? “You surprised?” “No.” Great. Wonderful. Enlightening.

Now, I mean, most of us suspected that Miss Schaivo was a vegetable and all, so I’m being a bit harsh at calling these people idiots (especially since all the question asked was “are you surprised”), but what can I say? I just found these responses funny.



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