Thursday, May 19, 2005

Coming through your projects with shiny objects

- MVP and Race: Some MVP stuff? Well, god damn Steve Nash looked like the MVP last night with that insane triple-dub, but if they lose this series (which it doesn’t look like they will), I think it’d be reasonable to question the MVP selection for dude. I like how Bill Simmons is riding for Iverson so hard, but really, the MVP has gotta be Shaq. He’s just too dominant on both ends of the floor and is clearly the first player in the world everyone in the world would pick first in a pick-up game. Nash is the popular opinion because he’s the underdog and he’s real likable, and frankly, I’m happy he won the thing, but you’re kidding yourself if you think Shaq isn’t the MVP. To shift gears a bit, I find the race issues surrounding the voting pretty interesting, though. Jason Whitlock restates that it’s not unreasonable to consider that race might’ve been a factor in the decision and Bill Simmons echoes his sentiment in his May 17 post. I mean, dudes, nobody is saying “Yo, Steve won because he’s white!” they’re just saying that we should consider that it factored in there a little bit and that it’s worth talking about. It’s NEVER EVER EVER A MISTAKE TO TALK ABOUT RACE. NEVER EVER EVER. In other news, ex-blood Stephen Jackson still refuses to wear blue-- except when he’s on court I guess seeing as that his team’s away jersey is navy blue. Should dude really be waving his red flag around like that so boisterously? I mean, dude, you already don’t have the best image in the league and people like my pops think you’re just some worthless street thug. All you’re doing is confirming his suspicions about all these thugged out NBA players. At least PRETEND like you’re past those days or get a tat of a butterfly on your grill or something. SOMETHING. Sure you’re not “bangin’” anymore and I respect your loyalty and blahzay blah, but dude, come on. In still other NBA news, free darko is my new favorite blog.

- ”This isn’t Iowa!”: Catch me at my people’s Reggaeton night “Está Bien” tonight at the Silk City Lounge. This is one of the only Reggaeton nights in Philly and from what I hear, shit is poppin’ and the Borica bad land and K-town mamis come through. Holler at me, ma! Read the Philadelphia Weekly article ‘bout the jawn right here. I’ma be bringin’ the cutest jawn up in that piece, though (but don’t watch me, watch tv). Buhleedat.

- Star Wars: Yeah so Star Wars opened up last night. I’m trying to force myself to care. I hear it’s not that bad… or in fact (despite silly things like writing and acting) it’s quite good. Eh, but I’m still having a hard time caring. This is pretty funny, but not nearly as funny as this which might be the funniest Star Wars-related thing I’ve ever read. Somebody got a vid-clip to the Triumph routine from the last Star Wars jawn where he’s clowning all them fools that were waiting for the number 2 to come out? Heh. I just said “waiting for number 2 to come out.” Poop.

- Pop Culture is GOOD: Steven Shaviro is off to the races again, killing it. Read about Steven Johnson’s book “Everything Bad is Good For You: How Today’s Popular Culture is Actually Making Us Smarter” and Shaviro’s thoughts on it. Really interesting stuff.

- That Ready Rock: I’m reading a book about one of the great tragedies of the past three decades. Gary Webb’s book “Dark Alliance” which tells the harrowing story of how the CIA secretly funded right-wing Latin American guerrillas by supporting the drug dealing endeavors here in the US. Shit is fucking tragic and is a huge reason why crack became such a fucking out-of-hand epidemic in ghettoes across America. Fuck this fucking country and fuck Ronald Reagan.

- David Cross: David Cross is a bit on the overrated side of things (note: His Mr. Show partner Bob Odenkirk went to Southern Illinois which is where I attend(ed) grad school), but this pitchfork diss thing is pretty funny. Thanks to the stencil for the linkage.

- What’s really Dude?: Dude, don diva promoter Roxy Cottontail is single-handedly making Manhattan a cooler place by doing shit like this. Devin the Dude in NYC? Houston-stand-the-fuck-up!



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