Wednesday, June 01, 2005

But ninja you don't know me...

- First of all...: ...let me take time to brush my shoulders off and ask you, what the fuck is this shit? What does this shit mean? What is BlogShares? Somebody inform me.

- Larry Brown is a Fucking Jack Ass: My criticisms of Larry Brown are hardly unique: he single-handedly destroyed the Sixers after realizing that the team he hand-selected and created couldn’t really be taken any further than it already had; he tried his damndest to make everyone believe that Allen Iverson was a selfish thug who didn’t practice and couldn’t be coached; he lost the Olympics for us by refusing to play Wade, Anthony, and Lebron, presumably because they were too young or some bullshit; his rather sketchy departure from Philly to join the Detroit Pistons only a couple weeks after the Pistons beat the Sixers in the play-offs (the implication being that he was actually talking to Detroit DURING the series). But this new shit is pretty fucking redonkulous to me. For those that haven’t heard, there are rumors about coach Brown resigning from the Pistons headcoach position in order to be come President of Basketball operations at Cleveland. I don’t care to comment on how bad of an idea that is for the Cavs, but I just wanna say, how is it that this jackass can get away with this bullshit? How can we allow Larry Brown to be focusing on anything but his current play-off series? Remember when Vince Carter wanted to walk in his graduation ceremony during the Raptors play-off series and everyone was all up in arms about how much of a distraction it would be to his team and how irresponsible it was? How come we can bitch at the players about distractions (even legitimate ones like wanting to walk in your graduation ceremony?! I respect the eff outta Vince for doing that shit), but Larry Brown can do anything he damn well pleases? Is it just because he’s such a “classy guy” or some shit so we give him the benefit of the doubt? Fuck Larry Brown. I’m happy he got his ring because he truly is one of the greatest coaches of all time, but dude is not as “classy” as he wants the world to believe and I am forever routing against him and his cute ass wife.

- Rick Rock Beats: Studio vid and the funky drum-drummin’ vid.

- Damn! You heard that new ringtone?!: “We live in a beautiful world… Yes we do, yes we doooo.” How weird is this shit?

- The only movement movin’: Umeancompetitor keeps swearing he’s gonna stop posting Dipset mp3s. Well he hasn’t yet and I’m happy he hasn’t. Go!. It’s sensory overload over there, though. Be careful.

- Mr. Babylon: Stories from the inside: This blog is fucking great. It’s some dude blogging about his teaching experiences at what he calls a “shitty Bronx High School.” The story about Pedro getting his chain snatched is good. So is the one about Pastrami and cultural bias. I will be reading the rest of this shit today.

- Found: This made me want to read the book “Found: The Best Lost, Tossed, and Forgotten Items From Around the World.” Too bad I can’t do anything but fall-the-fuck-asleep-immediately when I get on the train these days.

- Devin the Dude: Devin the Dude tonight with my homies Spank Rock and a nameless special guest (who is one of my very special-est BFFs) to open for the dude (MP3s in here). Shit should be fun. Forties beforehand with good peoples, too. I’m hype. Should be a nice, pleasant evening and a much better way to spend my June 1 than I originally had planned. EDIT: Holler at me if you see me. I'll be the bol rocking a "DON'T WATCH ME, WATCH TV" shirt.

- Happy Berfsday, Jamie: Don’t think I forgot, homie!



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