Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Closest thing to my thing is my thing-thing.

I never realized how dope that Young Chris line above was until I typed it out. Anyway, sorry for the almost-week-long hiatus. Your boy has actually been busy at work(!). Hollertronix was crazy. Ballertronix was fun. My new jawn is a sweetheart. I’ve been making hot beats lately and I feel pretty damn healthy. Just need a new cellphone. On to the stuff:

- My Life, My Life, My Life… in the sunshiiiine: I DJed with Lowbudget and Dan the Swede last night at this Old City bar called “Posh” (but apparently it’s changing its name to “Wax” soon). Anyway, it was fun. People showed up and started dancing around midnight and was a fairly good time. Be sure to come next week and let’s get this shit populatin’! My man Bo and I are DJing our new weekly at Filo’s Restaurant and Lounge tomorrow night (CROSSFADED THURSDAYS! HOLLER!). Come through! Shit’s gonna be a nice way to escape the insane, sweltering heat. The bar is air-conditioned and I believe there’s at least one $2 beer special. Holleratcherpeoples. The real news, however, is that I’m effin’ dying right now. I only got like two hours of sleep and your boy is hurting. Ugh.

- Epic: An epic post over on houstonsoreal that includes an interview with Pimp C, an interview with Bun B, and pictures of Texas rappers playing basketball (Paul Wall, baby!) at the Rap-A-Lot versus Swishahouse basketball game in Houston. So hot. The “Rap-A-Lot 4 Life” banner is ridiculous.

- Keep It Real: Authenticity is a zero-sum game. Hip-hop has been inauthentic since its incipient moments. Train of thought continued here.

- White People in Hip-Hop: My boy Jesse Dangerously brilliantly said “We didn’t land on Planet Rock… Planet Rock landed on us.” The “we” and “us” he’s referring to is White folk. Fucking brilliant. Anyway, here’s an interesting lil’ article with Bakari Kitwana who just published ”Why White Kids Love Hip-Hop.

- Baltimore Club Music is Bob Dylan: Here’s an interesting article about the links between Bmore Club and Bob Dylan. I dunno if I necessarily agree with it, but it’s certainly interesting.

- You’se a ho: I know ebaumsworld is a bit on the played side, but there’s some funny ass shit up in that bya-bya. This video of Ken Jennings (i.e. Jesus) on Jeopardy is comedy. I wonder if Ken refers to his bitches as hos. One can only hope.

- I don’t even know what the fuck you just said, man: Human comedy in the flesh.



At 2:04 PM, Blogger David said...

Yeah that Dylan/Club article is quite a bit old. Its by Scott Seward, I believe he's one of the first dudes to draw any attention to it outside of b-more.


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