Tuesday, May 31, 2005

When's the last time you heard it like zis?

- White T’s and White Belts Redux: Thanks to everyone that came out to the White T’s and White Belts jump-off this past Saturday. That shit really couldn’t have gone any better. Shit was packed all damn night, everyone I talked to seemed to have a good time, and Dan and I didn’t mess up too many of our mixes. Big ups to all my peoples that came in from out of town; to my man Bo who held down the door something serious; and super, huge, animal-thug shouts go out to urryone that was stuck in the line outside for hours because the old dude at the door was a pussy and thought the place had reached capacity at like 11:15. But, yeah, if you weren’t there, you done fucked up… but there will be more in the near future so be there next time. You won’t regret it.

- Steroid Shmeroid: All the steroid nonsense in baseball is pretty old news, but Bill Simmons is pretty consistently funny as well as insightful. Of course, this article from ESPN the magazine is no exception.

- E’eryone’s New Favorite White Boy: Peep HoustonSoReal’s Matt Sonzola interviewing Paul Wallabout a year ago. Also, Devin the Dude show in NYC on Wednesday. See you thurr.

- Malcolm X Yes Homo?: Hm. Malcolm X might’ve been gay? Interesting.

- Castillo vs Corrales: I’ma try to find some time at work today to watch this Castillo vs Corrales fight. EDIT: I ain't fixing to watch this shit. It's 610 megs or something. If you can find the time to DL it, do it, but I ain't about to download 610 megs of shit onto my work computer.

- Certified Bananas: These dudes got that work. Dope mixes. They gonna hold me down at work today. Bringing headphones to work was the best idea I ever jacked from my cubicle mates.

- My Favorite Blog: Seriously, I know I throw around the “my favorite blog” tag a lot, but Steven Shaviro’s blog really is my favorite. Peep this shit about Spike Lee’s film “She Hate Me” and how it sucks… yet, it’s still good. As always, provocative stuff from Professor Shaviro.

- Breath, Stretch, Shake, Let it go: From Dr. Robert’s blog, if you needed another reason to like Selma Hayek, apparently she’s remarkably flexible. Sweet bro!

- Good Writing: The Poetry Society of America blog (which is actually just one dude, I think) is my shit. Peep this.



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