Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Blew off my burner kinda dusty...

- Texas Madness: Mattsoreal hit me with a Rapid Ric and Mr. Rogers mixtape that bangs. Go to the shrimp for the mp3-ery.

- Gif Madness: More hot animated gif-ery. Best Fresh Prince episode ever.

- Bomarr Madness: All-around good guy Bomarr from the Restiform Bodies has a blog and it’s got some cool mp3s (specifically this Will Oldham cover of R. Kelly’s “Ignition”).

- Cleaning Vinyl Madness: Here’s a photo essay on how to clean vinyl properly.

- Mrs. Robinson Madness: I didn’t know that in his 1967 review of “The Graduate” Roger Ebert called the soundtrack “instantly forgettable. That’s ridiculous—not so much because it’s good (which it is), but because they play “Scarborough Fair” and “The Sounds of Silence” like a million times in the movie. It’s fucking insane. Great movie, though (duh).

- Art Madness: There’s a Dalek exhibit at the 222 Gallery this Friday. Should be hot, crowded, and mildly overrated.

- Grade Madness: Apparently, Bush wasn’t the only idiot from Yale who got bad grades and was trying to be president. I don’t care how any of you people try to justify this shit on some “Oh grades don’t accurately represent someone’s intelligence” (which gets a resounding “DUH!” from me), but let me just say that if all us college grads need a motherfucking 3.0 GPA to get any ol’ motherfucking entry-level, career-type job, each and every candidate for the motherfucking president of the United States should have to do AT LEAST as well as the rest of motherfucking us. Fuckin’ shit this pisses me off.

- Bully Records Madness: Bully Records has some big things in store for the next few months. I’m sure some of the releases will bore the living shit out of me, but the Elektro 4 CD and the Controller 7 EP will probably be dope. He’s got some MP3 goodies posted o’er there, too.

- Stowaway Madness: Watch out for falling legs. Sad.


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