Tuesday, June 21, 2005


- Is this fake?: Funny, but sounds kinda fake. Still made me laugh.

- 4 Deep: I don’t always love the shit that noz posts but holy shit this 4 Deep shit is so fucking dope, dudes. Go download it now and pretend you listen to all that old Houston shit that everyone will pretend to have been up on forever once that Slim Thug album drops.

- Videos: I just jacked sampled all this shit from that music video reviews blog Purpology (which is pretty cool, btw), but peep these videos: Missy Elliot “Lose Control/On and On” and especially Kanye’s “Diamonds From Sierra Leone.” Honestly, I wasn’t really really feeling this “Diamonds” shit until I heard the remix with Hov… and then saw this video. Really, this video makes this song a million times better and adds some much-needed social commentary that the lyrics itself are lacking. But, the dialectic of the political nature of the video with the pretty apolitical nature of the audio is exactly what I love about Kanye: that complicated sense of contradiction that Kanye is hyper-aware of in his music. It’s a fucking beautiful thing… and is probably as close to “keepin’ it real” that a rapper can get. I’m not gonna pretend hip-hop needed a savior or anything, but Kanye is truly a blessing to today’s hip-hop environment. Dude is just balls-out. In other news, scroll down on that purpology page to see that David stole my “Juelz wears his bandana like a crown” observation in the “Mic Check” video… he should give me credit for that because it’s really the only worthwhile thing I’ve said in weeks. I love you, David, but not as much as I love Juelz (maybe homo… I’m not really sure).

- I fucking despise hip-hop: People who know nothing about hip-hop are always saying dumb shit about it. Don’t look back in anger, Noel!

- Underground Rail Road: Massive amounts of music for you to listen to at work courtesy of Jay Smooth and his now-archived radioshow.



At 2:54 PM, Blogger noz said...

you DON'T always love it?

i'm only posting Beanie Sigel & Juelz mixtape cuts from here on out...

At 12:48 PM, Blogger David said...

did you say that about the juelz video? eh what do you know.

At 1:29 PM, Blogger emynd said...



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