Monday, June 20, 2005

Go away.

- My dude: My dude Noixe has got a blog and, not surprisingly, it’s way better than mine.

- Insertioin: Here’s a good question: “What can you say about a science fiction novel that begins with a first-person account of a 16-year-old girl masturbating with her gun?” Sounds like a good book. Makes me want to read some Sci-Fi. What’s up with your boy Nick Hornsby being a jack-ass in the issue of the Believer that comes with that covers CD (which is fucking banging by the way)? Nick Hornsby is easy to dislike… except for “High Fidelty” which I probably wouldn’t like so much if I wasn’t such a record dork.

- That Gangsta Shit: I jacked sampled all of this from Dr. Robert’s wonderful page, but fuck it. The recontextualization is important. (psh!). Anyway: Like WOAH! Game over! Frankly, there’s two schools of thought regarding Big Shot Bob: (1) How can you possibly think Robert Horry deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, and (2) How can you possibly think that Robery Horry doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall. I’m of the latter. Dude is really the ultimate role-player par excellance. That’s GOT to count for something (i.e. A LOT). Bob Horry is the dude.

- Dyip-suut!: Speaking of Dr. Robert, peep Mr. Babylon’s favorite student Pedro’s dipset devotion that rivals even mine. Writing shout-outs on pencils is on that retro-next level shit.

- The New Girl I’m Seeing?: She makes me smile. Hopefully she’ll read that and smile. She can cook like a muhfucca, too!

- Dave and Neal: Dave Eggers on Neal Pollack’s piece in the Times (which I haven’t read). Funny.

- Sip, Sip, Sip: Sippin’ some sizzurp. Thanks Turntablelab.

- No thanks, Turntablelab: Speaking of TTL, fuck them. Peep what happened to me recently. Kobe Bryant has infiltrated my record collection. Tramautic.

- Ouch: I think I just got hot sauce in my eye. Ouch.

My blog sucks, these days.



At 11:46 AM, Blogger Mr. Babylon said...

here's one more Bob Horry pic for that ass. This time he's grabbing his giant clutch-city nutses...

At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your blog like every day, dude. don't say it sucks, cause then you're talking about me, and shit could get really real.



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