Thursday, June 02, 2005

Anything is plenty, mang...

- Devin the Dude is the best rapper ever: Last night’s show was quite spectacular. Mr. the Dude is one of the most charismatic, entertaining, and good-vibed dudes I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing perform. He’s just one of those people that oozes with this “No matter how bad life is, I fucking love it” demeanor that is so infectious. I know it’s a cheesy cliché to think of someone’s music as some sort of true expression of their personality, but I can’t shake how effectively his music seems to express his good-natured, fun-loving melancholy optimism. It’s really a beautiful thing to behold. And, as far as I’m concerned, it’s as beautiful as music gets. Anyway, the show was great and I was lucky enough to share the experience with a handful of good peoples. Shouts to all of them who will remain nameless except for Matt Sonzala. Dude is the dude and I’m real happy that NYC showed Devin and the Damage Control nation the love they deserved. Unfortunately, Paul Wall didn't make an appearance like it was rumored, but fuck it. Anything is plenty, mang! So, that all being said, I’m hungover as fuck and I want to fucking die. Let me leave you with these simple words from Mr. the Dude:

Anythang is plenty man and is better than an nothin at all
You ain't the only one who got problems
You ain't the only one who knows pain
Get up off your ass and just solve it
You still got a chance to try to change - try this shit again



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That iis one of the only songs I can never play dont know living till you've rode on a lonely highway depressed, drunk, and burning one in a oldschool buick with 4 12's playin that song, just thinkin about favorite


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