Monday, May 16, 2005

um, my office should really turn on its air-conditioning...

- Never too early for promo: Me and my boy Dan The Swede are throwing a party at the Ruba Memorial Day weekend. This shit is gonna be stupid hot so come. It’s worth mentioning however that if you suspect that you might not be welcome there, you probably aren’t welcome. Feel me? But, to the rest of y’all mugs, come the fuck through and holler at your peoples.

- More Record Collecting Nerdery: Somebody linked me to this shit about the self-proclaimed “King of Record Collectors” Joe Bussard after reading my lil’ (i.e. big) post about the book “Vinyl Junkies.” Peep.

- Class in America: The New York Times’s first piece on a series about class in America. Should be fun.

- Knowmore Launch: launched on Friday. It’s an important website. Peep and contribute and purchase wisely.

- Mixtape Madness: I got the Caps And Jones mixtape “Moving in Stereo”over the weekend and it’s real dope. It’s a bit on the ADD side (I don’t think any song runs for more than a minute) but there’s a lot of fun blends and mixes. Real dope stuff. I got a copy of Low Budget’s “Obey” mix and that shit is hot as eff, too. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t more excited about this shit, though.



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