Monday, May 09, 2005

I leave 'em froze...

- FINALLY!: New doomtree website. Them's my peoples.

- Penguins: This is funny. Suprising that these penguins were in SF? EDIT: NEVERMIND, THIS IS JUST A SF ARTICLE. I find it absolutely fascinating that penguins are monogamous. Kind’ve ironic that there was Chlamydia outbreak recently, huh?

- Feeling Guilty About Mother’s Day Responsibilities?: This was brought to my attention via my man Bo Bliz. If your mom is pissed at you for not getting her a good enough present on Mother’s day, just forward her this article and tell her to count her blessings.

- Butterflies are Gangsta: So, the Game got a tat of a butterfly on his mug. I should probably say “no homo” now, but, uh, I’ma just let it slide, let it slide, let it slip on by.

- No Homo: Speaking of “no homo,” here’s a basic run down of the “no homo” debate. Heh.

- Amerie Interview: Armand’s was sold out of the promo “Touch” LPs this weekend. Weak. Somebody yousendit me the album after they read this interview.

- Another Berube Anecdote: Click.

- Best Films of the ‘90s: This is a bit on the old side, but Norbizness posted a list of the best films of the ‘90s. Some agreements here, but some disagreements, too. Hating on “Magnolia” is silly, though. Apparently, Kevin Smith wasn’t too fond of the flick either, but fuck it, that movie’s hot. I like the expression “Sweet Christmas!”

- Game Over: I will be here. Drunk out of my mind.

- More Rockism Shit: Thanks to david, more Rockism shit to debate with an interesting (but lengthy) discussion afterwards.



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lol 'sweet christmas'


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