Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My chin up, my chest out...

- Basketball Stuff: I jacked most of these from here which is my new favorite blog.

----------holyshit: Yeah, the Rockets lost the series, but holy shit.

----------holymoly: Peep Josh Smith blocking the shit out of D-Wade’s dunk. So real. His ADD is out of control though. Peep the segment with Willis pushing his head into the huddle o’er and o’er.

----------bamf: A story about AI performing x-men-inspired, miraculous, athletic feats.

----------tragedy: A talented Philly young bol randomly died playing street ball

- Another Hot Flyer: As catchdubs said about the flyer, “this shit is epic.” True that.

- Happy Birthday Young Bol!: Happy Birthday goes to my young bol David. Dude is 22. He’s a smarter, more charismatic version of me. He listens to a bit too much southern rap and a bit too much bubble gum pop, but overall, he’s a likable guy.

- Who Needs Intestines and Stomach Lining?: This sounds yummy but also a bit overboard.

- Comedians and Hate Speech: Interesting thoughts about comedy and hate speech over on poplicks. I like this Junichi guy.

- DANCE DANCE DANCE: I finally finished Haruki Murakami’s “Dance Dance Dance” and it’s so fucking good. Read it now. It’s so fucking god damn good. It’s heartbreakingly optimistic about the infinite possibilities and potential and linkages of postmodern life. Sure, it’s skeptical about where late capitalism is taking us (as it should be), but it’s also unabashedly human, finding a great deal of value and basic “authenticity” (i.e. love, friendship, human connections, etc) in a world that has been robbed of basically all forms of this “authenticity.” Such a fucking beautiful book. I think it’s my new favorite book. Read it now.

- Vinyl Junkies: I also finished Brett Milano's "Vinyl Junkies" today-- a book about nerdy record collectors. I'll post about it on theshrimp tomorrow. Just let me say right now that, yeah, it's entertaining and interesting... but nothing spectacular. More tomorrow.



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