Thursday, June 23, 2005

You didn't do the knowledge that the god was manifestin'...

- Out in the Streets, They Call it MURDEEER!: Crossfaded Thursdays at Filo’s is popping off again tonight. Come through! Bo and I are gonna be killing it on the wheels as usual in the beautiful, air-conditioned bar at 408 South 2nd Street. Shit is just off South Street so go cop a Steak wit’ at Jim’s and roll through with your steak-breath and holler at yer peoples. Hip-hop, r&b, reggae, and classic shit all night long. Beautiful people and a good time guaranteed. Kitchen is open ‘til 1 too if the cheesesteak idea ain’t doin’ it for ya. Peace to my NYC extended fam caps and jones for the flier hook-up.

- Bunny Suicides: Bunnies have a hard life. Awesome.

- Things to do in Berlin when you’re hungry: “The press release informs us that 22 blind or partially-sighted people work in the Unsicht-Bar, and this is the most successful initiative that has been set up in recent decades to employ blind and partially-sighted people in Berlin. Furthermore, sightless and sighted people in the Unsicht-Bar change the roles they are used to playing in everyday life.” Fucking awesome.

- Flag Burning: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know burning the flag is a pretty unoriginal form of protest, and you and me and everyone with a fucking brain knows that to ban flag burning is unconstitutional and is a serious slap-in-the-face to free speech. Everyone knows this right? Everyone... well, except 65 Senators. At least the Right is no longer hiding their secret desire to turn America into a fascist state!

- Talky Records: Fucking awesome post about “Essential Talking LPs” by Bambouche from the Vanguard Squad. Highlights include breakdowns on records called: “Suicide Prevention,” and “Ain’t No Ambulances for Nigguhs tonight.”

- Young Caps’s Research Thesis: Shit is hot. Read it and weep.



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