Friday, June 24, 2005

Celebrity Sightings

- Too Lazy To Post Anything But This: Some “Celebrity Sightings” stories from the Soulstrut messageboard:

    - So I'm hitting on this absolutely beautiful woman the other day at work, but she is apparently waiting on some dude. She has a British accent so I ask her if it's the dude with the Beatles looking haircut that she is waiting for. She giggles all cute and says, "yes." The dude turns and looks at me because he kind of overheard part of the conversation, so I smirk and explain to him that I guessed by her British accent that she was waiting for him cause of his whole recreated Beatles look. Dude looks at me like I just slapped him in the face and he walks away. She is all like, "Bye!!!!" all cute and waving to me and shit while she catches up to his cry baby ass. My boy turns to me and says, "Do you know who that is? That's Liam Gallagher from Oasis. That's like a huge insult to him!"

    - On a plane from LAX to JFK last spring I sat in front of Ted Danson. He kept kicking the back of my seat like a little kid. I got him in the end, though, as I unintentionally (I swear!) elbowed him in the rear as I pulled my bag down from the overhead bin after landing.

    - i farted in front of Jackie Chan while we were both lining up at the airport. My stomach was about to explode, I had to let it stank like hell too. didn't realise that it was him till i turned around after I farted. oops.



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