Thursday, May 05, 2005

Nobody cares what I think so I drink...

- OH HELL NO!!: Fuck that bitch, dude. Seriously. Let her go. Don't do this.

- Myspace: For some reason, I can’t log into myspace this morning. It’s probably just some “routine maintenance” garbage but it’s also probably a blessing in disguise. Hopefully, they never let me back on that shit. That shit is nothing but trouble. Fuck myspace. M, hit me with an email at emilnassar at the yahizzoo dot cizzom if myspace doesn’t get on and poppin’.

- emynd Hurting Your Ears at North: Barring a minor disaster, I should be DJing at North Bar and Lounge (222 South St) tonight, covering my main man Brendan Bringem’s weekly Thursday jawn called “Easy.” No cover, no dress code with non-stop hip-hop, dancehall, funk, soul, and $2 Newcastles (hopefully). Everyone is invited except my ex’s. NEVERMIND

- Cinco de Mayo: 5 pesos says you didn’t know the history of cinco de Mayo. If you did, well, bueno for tu.

- Chappelle Show Delay: Did I mention that I saw Dave Chappelle strolling along Madison Avenue a couple weeks ago? He’s taller than I would’ve suspected. Anyway, bad news about the third season. Weak.

- I’m a Hustler Remix with Mary J: How fucking BAD is this song? I bought the Killah Kuts white label on some impulse buy shit and it’s fucking atrocious. Cassidy sucks. Mary doesn’t add anything to the fucking song and the shit just all around sucks. The beat is the same as it ever was but I’m just fucking sick of it by now and—did I mention— fucking Cassidy fucking sucks. Anybody that plays this shit sucks. Go away.

- Gonna be in London May 9?: If so, go to this Dax Pierson fundraiser featuring DJ sets by Mogwai folk, Super Furry Animal folk, Chris Cunningham, Four Tet, and more. If you don’t know about what happened to Dax, click to find out. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Mogwai? “Come On Die Young” is epic. They put on the best show I’ve ever seen, too.

- Incessant Napping: My inability to keep my eyes open on the train is preventing me from finishing this Haruki Murakami’s book “Dance Dance Dance.” I just discovered his website however which seems to have a lot of interesting articles and interviews to read

- Cop Shoots Himself In Foot: This video is exactly what you’re hoping it is.

- I chill with the coppers: JR Writer is one focused kid.

- Book of Duderonomy: I’m the dude. Peep this IM convo between Serg and a friend in NH:

BP: I have a crew of people that been coming out every week to see me so thats helping because I am pretty much the only person playing there that gets people out just to see them play and I broke away from the sound everyone else was playing and brought in hip hop and mashup type shit and rock and what not and got people checking for that, that emynd modest mouse shit is huge there, he needs to put that on vinyl
Serg: ha really?
BPt: yeah I played it once because I really liked it and it got really good feeback and now its a staple, shit it even passed random black dude who always trainspots my records test, dude never dances he heard that shit and lost it and started doing a wierd ass air guitar dance

As Buck 65 said before he turned into an idiot, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, hate me because I’m good at everything.”

It’s sad really.

I am good at literally everything.



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