Thursday, April 28, 2005

Speedy Motorcycle, I love you.

- Don’t Fall In!: These 3-d street paintings are amazing.

- Son of a Niche!: I find this concert line-up to be extremely interesting. At some levels, the fact that Nas and Fabolous will be sharing a stage with Dropkick Murphy’s is cute and interesting and sort’ve important on a “look, people are opening their minds” type of deal. And, of course, everybody’s “favorite music” lists on myspace contain everything from Radiohead to Jay-Z. It’s gotten to the point where if someone asks you what kind of music you like, you are shocked if someone doesn’t say “Everything.” But, while this might initially seem to be a good thing, I can’t shake the feeling that it also seems to be a victory of sorts for advanced capitalism and the Culture Industry. After all, the more people’s tastes and niches overlap, the less responsibility the Culture Industry has to provide us with a variety of products. The last thing I want to suggest is that I’m upset that rappers and punk rockers are sharing a stage but I am concerned about the overlapping nature of markets these days. At what point do these distinct niche markets become indistinguishable from each other? And at what point do these distinct markets collapse into one, basically eliminating the diversity and “choice”? I suppose one can make the argument now that this diversity and “choice” is, at the moment, really only the false illusion of diversity and “choice” anyway, so perhaps I’m being melodramatic. But, my only point is that Clear Channel has already standardized our tastes so much, I feel like this might be a further dangerous extension of that standardization. Who the fuck are the Dropkick Murphy’s anyway? I bet they have tattoos and play a lot of powerchords.

- What a Stupid Whale!: I’m guessing whales aren’t the smartest of mammals, but even so, this particular whale has to be one of the dumber of the already dumb species. Go home, you fucking idiot. Are you too good for your home? Apparently, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration spokeswoman Teri Frady shares my thoughts, saying “I wish he would go home.” What an insightful thing to say Miss Frady. I’m sure the NOAA is proud of their eloquent and perceptive spokeswoman.

- Gold!!!: Dunno who this dude is, but his(her?) post is hella funny. “Jesus Hates Your SUV,” the over-use of exclamation points, and tits. That’s all you need to know before clicking. The archives are good, too. Nuggets like: “The grief Charlie Brown feels the day Lucy actually lets him kick the football” and “I’m old school with new thoughts and open wounds.” Gold.

- Congratulations, Sergio!: So, the best writer on the internet is finally gonna get paid for his brilliance. Good job, homie.

- Farting and Adulthood!: This can adequately be described by the subtitle of this bullet. It can also adequately be described with the word "hilarious."

- Guts!: Any piece that starts with the sentence “It’s very strange to imagine — let alone to actually see — the insides of one’s own body” is worth a read. The post starts out kinda icky but ends up being quite beautiful.

- Philly shit!: I'm really not too into the Young Gunnaz single with Swizz "Set it Off" but The Fader bols are saying the new record is hot. They're right about "Sick of Waiting." That shit bangs. I was hating on Chad Hamilton for a bit, but dude is real.



At 5:20 PM, Blogger fairest said...

Thanks for the props, man. I gotta say though that "old school with new thoughts" is a Vast Aire line, the dude from Can-Ox, from this album on this site. Great track.

At 10:01 PM, Blogger SergDun said...

yeah dude Poetry Society of America is some dope stuff. I haven't read it in a minute but thanks for the reminder.


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