Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I'm gonna get drunk... so drunk... at your wedding.

- Got Beard?: These bols got the facial hair game on lock. You gotta respect their passion.

- Suddenly My House Became a Tree of Sores: Everybody knows that an artist’s greatness isn’t measured by his or her technical merit or stylistic flair. His or her greatness is inevitably determined by what he or she chooses to name his or her pieces. By those standards, David Lynch’s work rivals Salvadore Dali’s.

- Hi, I’m Sammy Saint Lucia and I’d like to see if I have herpes, please: Inspired by Michael Vick and the “Ron Mexico’s got Herpes and gave it to some random broad” fiasco, you can go here to get your very own incognito name disguise. My name is Sammy Saint Lucia. I suppose by telling you that that’s my name, it loses its incognito-ness… but, then again, maybe I’m lying. Hmmmm.

- Cathdubs Mixtape: Dope designer, solid writer, and pretty much everybody’s friend (no homo/no diss) Nick Catchdubs was kind enough to hit me with a copy of his new mixtape “Oh Snap” and it’s effin’ fire. I’m stoked he rocked the Kasablanca riddem on it because that’s my shit but nobody fucks with it when I drop it and I’m further stoked by the Tweet/Block Party blend. That shit burns. The Neneh Cherry shit is hot, too. Altogether, it’s a real fun, creative mix. Good shit, Nick. Cop that.

- Lactose Intolerance: Here’s an interesting post about lactose intoleration that Junichi over at Poplicks wrote. I feel the sentiment but I’m always bothered by these supposedly scientific tests that assume that the difference between races is some sort of scientific fact instead of what we all know it to be: a social construct. Which begs the obvious question, if race is a social construct (which is something most everyone will agree save for folks like Hitler and David Duke), how legitimate are polls like these that say “15% of White people are lactose intolerant” while “70% of African Americans are lactose intolerant.” I mean, what the fuck is the standard for “White” and what’s the standard for “African American”? What exactly can we take from tests like these? And aren’t they just legitimizing the differences between races in scientific terms? Shouldn’t scientists be a bit more responsible with their “controls”? I dunno. I realize it’s not a huge, huge deal when it comes to health and nutrition, but I’m bummed that we have to ignore the social consequences promoted by tests like these.

- Hey, Girls are Juicers, Too!: Dude, here’s a cute story about 9 year old girls using steroids to look like models and movie stars and shit. Fucking come on. This shit has got to be bullshit. The fuck? 1 in 14 girl is using steroids? Yeah fucking right. Who are these so-called “experts”?

- People Opening Up about Personal Shit: Man, shit like this is what makes the internet great. I love these little boring, personal anecdotes that are clichéd and hackneyed because of Hollywood depictions of them but aren’t boring at all because they’re honest and real and just so fucking human. There’s 6 billion people on this stupid earth which means there’s at least 6 billion narratives to accompany each of these people and it’d be fucking ridiculous to not expect some of them to overlap and parallel a whole bunch of others. I love this shit.

- MP3s: Aaron and Rollie have been killing it lately. Dope mp3s are posted this very moment (Tweet RJD2 remix and the new Missy and Pharrell shit that’s gonna be big). Go cop.



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