Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I ain't never scared... (ed: But I am, however, always tired)

- Train: Maybe I only find this funny because I take a train to work every day (not Amtrak, but still), and these god damn fuckers are raising my already exorbitant train fee of $291 a month to a fucking insane $320 a month. ARGH! There's even a nod to Adorno in that lil' infographic. Hot. Anyway, if you take NJ Transit, click here to find out how much your shit’s fixing to increase. Fuck.

- Damn: This is why my parents love my brother and sister more than me.

- That boy got that crack!: History of crack and rap.

- That pesky Bible thing is so hard to interpret!: Turns out, 666 ain’t so bad after all.

- Think you’re broke?: Enter your income here and think again.

- Rap Nerds: All these rap nerd herbs are flipping over this A-trak meets Dip-Set shit as if it’s next level and amazing and breaking down hip-hop’s sub-genres or something when in reality all it is is people finally giving themselves permission to like Dipset shit because there’s a scratch nerd involved (a white one at that). Let’s be honest, the beat isn’t that crazy (nor is it particularly un-Dipset like) and the Dips (the bench warmers) just do what they do as per usual. So, there’s no real reason to like this particular song and dislike other Dipset shit… except for the fact that there’s a scratch nerd involved (a white one at that). I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for collabs like this. It just irks me when folks who previously hated Dipset shit finally give themselves permission to like it now that these “gangsta rappers” that they previously thought stunk are suddenly cool because they’re getting paid for 16s by a scratch nerd (a white one at that). A-trak is pretty fucking insane on the turntables though isn’t he? Dude is sick.

- Gang Gang Dance: I’m really excited about this record. Anybody cop it yet?

- Mash Out Posse: Let’s hope that M.O.P.’s departure from the Roc doesn’t mean they will stop rapping on Just Blaze beats.

- Whipped Cream Lady: If your claim to fame was being a lady covered in whip cream on an inexplicably popular easy listening album, you’d pimp it, too. Believe me. Her impressionistic paintings try to be really happy but they strike me as quite sad. Especially this one which is obviously based on the Herb Alpert cover. Anyway, she’s still quite a pretty lady. Get that dough, ma.

- Some dude’s art: Here’s a good article about some Canadian dude named Caesar and his cool computer art. Shit’s kinda derivative at times with some clichéd surrealistic imagery(not that I know anything about that shit), but I still think it’s hot.

- The Parlor: This short film is really quite funny.


At 2:26 PM, Anonymous c said...

get at me when its a few blocks away

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Oliver said...

Honestly though - Dipset IS the new hip shit for rap nerds though - look at all the insane Camron love? If anything, the Dipset are legitimizing ATRAK - I think you got it backwards.

At 7:00 AM, Blogger emynd said...

I dunno about that Oliver. It's not like Hell Rell and 40 Cal are the nerd darlings that Camron and Juelz admittedly are. Perhaps if Cam or Santana were on the song I'd buy your argument, but I don't really think this is doing much to "legitimize" A-Trak except to illustrate that he's one of the few "scratch DJs" that is interested in being relevant in today's hip-hop world where the scratch DJ isn't really relevant.


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