Monday, May 02, 2005

BVDs over the white Ts.

- Brilliant: This is a brilliant re-cap of the Washington Bullets/Wizards’s past quarter century. It’s dumb funny.

- The Whole Byrd Gang is Here: Everyone’s favorite flamboyant rap crew (aka the new Wu) has inked a huge deal with Warner. Dipset is fixing to take over the world and I ain’t mad. Jim Jones says this about his new album: “I pretty much surprised myself on this one” (HAH!); and Juelz funded his “Mic Check” video with his own $20,000. New dip-set shit over on Rollie and Aaron’s site.

- NBA Play-Offs: So the two series that I cared least about are (Nets/Miami, Grizz/Suns) over, which is good. And the two that I cared most about (Sixers/Pistons, Sonics/Kings) are all but over. Sixers are pretty much done and my denial has been overridden as the reality seeps in that they are just not the better team. These stupid 7 game series do a good job of always letting the better team win… and that sucks in situations like this. Anyway, Igoudala needs to step the fuck up next year but at least Chris Weber is finding his groove. He’s still soft as fuck, but whatever. Sonics are looking pretty good. Allen lit up the Kings for 45. That’s what’s really. How the fuck did the Celtics win by 30? I hate those guys. And why is Mark Cuban blogging about the death of the CD when his Mavs are in the most exciting (and weird) series?

- Bizzy Bone is a Genius: I know this whole Bizzy bone shit is sooooo last week, but am I the only one that thinks Bizzy Bone is a genius after his antics on Damage Control? I think dude is on some Ghostface level of insane genius shit. Dude is killing it in the interview and his new song right after the interview is so fucking hot. Download the mp3 and peep the shit. It’s definitely a bit scary at times but dude is really killing it. I have no idea what he’s talking about when he says shit about “getting signed to B2K” though. That shit makes no sense… but is nonetheless BRILLIANT!

- Important News about Toads: My homegirl put me up on this shit about exploding toads. Weird.

- Minotaurs and shit: I can’t wait for this shit to go horribly wrong so weird minotaurs and other half-human/half-animal things can roam the earth and scare the living shit out of me.

- Visit My Friends: Go to my friend Heather’s website to peep some of her art work (you can see her naked), and/or go to my boy Jayson’s website to peep some of his artwork (he’s got a thing for penises (no homo)). They’re both talented people who don’t think I’m an idiot.

- Whoops!: Did anyone even realize that April was National Poetry Month? Whoever is in charge of marketing that shit should be fired because I didn’t hear a squeak about that shit… not that I would’ve cared, but I might’ve posted a weekly poem or two on this stupid site just for the sake of supporting. Anyway, here’s some poems by David Berman, singer/song-writer of The Silver Jews (note: this album is good, but a fucking 9.9?! Jesus!). He’s great. Read all five of them as penance for totally not even realizing that April was National Poetry Month.

- Moment of Zen: On the way to work today I saw a duck dunking his head under the water, showing me his bum. That’s like the cutest shit ever. They’re probably just looking for food or cooling off or something, but got damn that shit’s cute.



At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


dude said "bum."
big shout to that cute shit in life.

man, schiz-tenant always comes with the epic posts.
keeps me occupied like airplane bathrooms.



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