Thursday, April 21, 2005

Told the dealer she was a cheater, but he's a buster...

- The Soon-To-Be Marketable Nature of Nomenclature: An ex-girl friend of mine named a star after me. That was probably the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me. It’s EASILY the nicest thing a girl’s ever done for me. Kind’ve weird to think that one of them lil’ dots up in the sky is named E*** N****r. That’s pretty real. But anyway, this is, ya know, similar but slightly more dubious and rather obviously about marketing more than it is about, well, being kind and thoughtful. certainly has some creative marketers.

- T.R.O.Y.: Everyone’s favorite NBA analyst spits some heartfelt shit about Coach Clarence “Big House” Gaines who died last week of a stroke. It’s some beautiful shit. Get choked-up.

- Hoop Dreams Sequel: Speaking of basketball, remember the movie Hoop Dreams? Apparently, they’re making a sequel of it. As Byron Crawford says: The individuals involved with the making of that film had visited its two subjects, Arthur Agee and William Gates, this past fall, and, apparently, saw something gully enough that they felt it warranted not just a bonus feature on the new DVD - to be released next month - but a full-on sequel. Sounds interesting of course, but also sounds a bit tragic. Chances are they aren’t making a sequel because the kids and their families are doing really well.

- Holy shit: This is a fucking wild story. Murder, betrayal, jail time, domestic abuse, and a whole bunch of other crazy shit makes this story fucking nuts.

- Flawed Divorce Rate Stat: The New York Times ran an interesting article that states that the divorce rate probably isn’t as high as we’ve been lead to believe. Pretty interesting stuff.

- J.R. Writer: While browsing over on, I stumbled across the J.R. Writer mixtape and suddenly remembered a dream I had from last night where I was chilling with J.R. All I really remember is telling him how much I liked his “I chill with the coppers, you chill with the coppers” line. Anyway, I bet the mixtape has its moments. J.R. is really just a poor man’s Cam/Juelz as far as delivery, but what he lacks in star-power and unadulterated charisma, he makes up for in sheer cleverness. Anybody heard this shit?

- Rejoice!: Serg’s site Beer And Rap is back in the building thanks to noz’s nerdiness. Blogger gets the dillz for preventing the world from getting its frequent dose of Serg’s brilliance… but he’s back, and we are certainly happy about it.

- Michael Moore is at it again: You know, I’m not a Micheal Moore lover or hater. The best and worst I will say about him is that I think he’s made some funny and insightful films. Sure, they’re all a bit on the subjective side, but fuck it, literally EVERYYTHING is subjective and some Leftist propaganda to combat the wingnut propaganada overload is always welcome. Anyway, I must admit, his idea for a scholarship for “rebels” is pretty damn hysterical.



At 2:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No joke mayne, your blog is my shit. I'm even more soft than you are (no offense intended) and your shit just makes my malfuckin day. I've never felt compelled to comment to a blog, but a strange combination of alcohol, winning a collegiate intramural dodgeball championship, seeing a girl that I had been courting for a minute make out and have sex with one of my best homeboys, and your honest as fuck writing made me have to drop a comment. Your blog is seriously my favorite thing on the internet. You should write a book. If you're ever in Colorado you should give me a shout, as I'm the mascot at one of Colorado's finest public universities (square state stand up!), and I could hook you up with just about anything you need. Us so called "soft" malfuckers need to stand the fuck up. Holler at me.

At 9:52 AM, Blogger emynd said...

Dude, that dude isn't (or at least SHOULDN'T be) one of your best homeboys anymore. Eff him. That girl sucks, too (obviously), but don't let your dude off the hook. That shit is corny. And hit me on the email tip real quick: remyndr at the yahoo dot to the cizzom.

And thanks for the kind words.



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