Friday, April 15, 2005

I gargle gumbo and spit out jambalaya...

- The NBA Age Limit and Race: A really fucking great article about the Jermaine O’Neal situation regarding the age limit in the NBA. Great quote: “It is not race at the base of Stern's quest to install an age limitation for entrance into the game, but it is race at the base of who that rule will directly affect.” This shit is so on point it hurts. It HURTS, I tell you. But, the main thrust of the article is not so much whether or not the age limit is necessarily racist (it’s become clear to me that there are fairly convincing arguments to be made on both sides of the issue), but that it’s simply not ridiculous for O’Neal to bring up the issue of race. After all, that seems to be what all the hoopla is all about. Black folk can’t even say the word “racism” (especially rich Black folk) without a huge portion of White America (i.e. Red Staters) thinking “Oh, why’s he gotta go and play the race card again?”

- Can’t Argue With The Truth: Sometimes, all you can do is sigh. Insightful quote: “Johnson said the event is meant to be ‘peaceful and respectful,’ but made clear it is motivated by belief that homosexuality is wrong. ‘You can call it sinful or destructive -- ultimately it's both,’ he said.” Fucking hell. Berube satirizes it nicely.

- Never Mind The Pollack: The bol Neal Pollack is killing it over on his blog. He’s attempting read a book a week this year which is marginally funny in and of itself since he’s a professional writer, but dude is just flat out hilarious. An older nugget of hilarity: he called the NCAA Tournament a “quasi-professional biracial slave auction”!

- Steven Shaviro: I didn’t know this guy had a blog. He’s the man. He’s got a nice piece about pop music up right now. EDIT: Read that piece. It's fucking fantastic.

- DIY shit: I need to go to this. Somebody remind me to.



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