Thursday, April 14, 2005

Call me when it's gangsta...

- Back in the building: My homebol Lowbudget from hollertronix is kind enough to let me play some records with him tonight at the 700 club. Come holler at us. It'll be fun.

- Ron Mexico: This Michael Vick shit is fucking hilarious. Dog… come on. “Ron Mexico”?

- Houston is really so real right now: That bol Pushermania has been holding down Houston radio with his weekly Damage Control show with ridiculous shit like this. Dizzee Rascal killing shit Southern style. Too much. Too real.

- Progress, Shmogress: There’s a great passage in DeLillo’s “White Noise” where Jack Gladney’s 14 year old son Heinrich explains how even though our society has advanced significantly technologically speaking, as individuals we have, if anything, regressed. The 14 year old, who is a rather strange encyclopedia of scientific facts, makes the fairly incontrovertible point that while we have all this crazy technology at our fingerprints that has benefited our lives in a lot of different ways, very few of us really know how the fuck any of the shit works, and even fewer of us are capable of making any of the shit from scratch. So, at some level, yes, we have certainly advanced as a whole because of the brilliance of several specialized individuals, but I suppose the point is, most of us would be doomed if some sort of major catastrophe killed off a huge percentage of the population and forced us to, say, grow our own food and build very basic contraptions. Hence, my sudden interest in reading this book.

- THANK GOD!: Vida Guerra’s sidekick got hacked. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this is one of the best things to ever happen to me…Yeah, I said it. TO ME!

- If you’re feeling down…: …read this. Berube tells an annoyingly touching story about the Beatles and his “disabled” son.

- I feel you, homie: Bloggers that rock Unite in annoyance!

- Weirdness: Three days ago I a bunch of files to my yahoo email address. They haven’t come yet. Hmmmmmmm. I’ll post some hot shit on the shrimp tonight. Promise. But go there now anyway. Serg and Dave always hold it down.



At 3:54 PM, Anonymous illwafer said...

i dont know who Vida Guerra is, but that link is NSFW! damnit emil im at work.

At 9:48 PM, Blogger SergDun said...

dude I NEVER get my youshareit emails, I just be copying and pasting that shit when it finally uploads. fucking I finally got around to picking up a goddamn Delillo book, Underwold. Just started it the other day but it's ugly.


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