Monday, April 04, 2005

Once again it's on...

- Maybe I’m just a wuss, but…: …this shit had me bugging. It’s pretty funny, and definitely effective and hence, not the type of shit I wanna read at 9 AM on a Monday morning. Oh well. Reminds me of a story my homegirl told me recently. Her mom was in surgery for something-or-other and prior to the surgery she was administered an anesthetic that thoroughly numbed any pain or discomfort she might experience and she was also administered some type of medication that somehow disabled her motor functions (so she wouldn’t jolt or have any type of sudden reaction to any of the shit they were doing to her mid-surgery). Well, turns out the anesthesia wore off during the surgery and she woke up, but the other medication was still in effect so she FELT everything that was going on but couldn’t move or speak to notify the doctors that she was awake feeling everything. Luckily, she passed out from the unbearable amount of pain she was in. Ugh.

- No Longer a Bottom Feeder: Well, I’m no longer skimming around the bottom of each of my NCAA pools. In fact, I’m winning the Hollertronix Board pool which is, after all, the only one that matters (but, frankly, it’s the only one that matters precisely because it’s the only one I’m winning). I might win this $150 in my work pool, but I sincerely doubt that I’m the only dude that’s got Illinois and UNC in the ‘ship with UNC winning. If so, then I’ve got a chance if the ‘Heels win this shit. I could use $150.

- The Morning After Pill Over The Counter: It’s hardly worth linking the onion because everybody checks it on a pretty regular basis anyway, but the "what do you think" section is always so on-point and this week is no exception. That dude Nathan Rabin in their A/V section likes some wack rap music though.

- Acronym-Named Artists.: I bought the M.I.A. album. I’m under-whelmed. Interesting article about it in slate. Speaking of acronym-named artists, I also bought that old N.O.R.E. and Peedi 12” produced by Just Blaze “Niggarican.” If I was half-black half-rican, I’d be loving this shit even more, but right now, it’s just my jam on some “I totally can’t relate to this shit but wish I could” shit. Just Blaze is God, anyway. I’ma post this song on the shrimp tonight. It’s pretty hysterical. But, yo, before we finish with the theme of acronym-named artists, can I just say that this whole acronym bullshit is retarded. Every rapper I know who uses an acronym has some stupid explanation of it. Case and point: KRS-ONE = “Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody.” I mean, have we ever sat down and thought about this? (sidenote: first I typed “thought down and sat about this”) “Over Nearly Everybody”? Fucking STUPID. Clearly, this is some the after-the-fact acronym extrapolation. I can’t imagine gool ol’ insane Kris was sitting around thinking to himself “I need to come up with a name for myself that embodies the notion that almost everybody is reigned over by knowledge, but not urrybody.” And then there’s shit like GURU (Gifted, Unlimited, Rhymes, Universal) which is equally as stupid and also just as clearly after-the-fact. I know there’s some other dumb shit, too. Sometimes I can’t be too mad at the general public for thinking that most rappers are idiots because, quite frankly, they are (but so is most of the general public).

- R.I.P. John Paul II: Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Pope died but, like Cam’ron said in the undeniable classic (no irony) Paid in Full: “Niggas get shot everyday in the ‘hood.” So, like, yeah it sucks that the Pope died, but dude was 84 and has been CHILLING for the past twenty years just being the head of the Catholic Church (What exactly does that entail? Does he have to pray more often or something?) so I’m really not bothered by the fact that he died. Anyway, the only reason dude’s death is worth mentioning on my blog (yes, I just called the Pope “dude”) is because a friend of mine who teaches at Catholic school was telling me that her school might get a day off because the Pope died. The fuck is that about? I’m all for days off and I hope she and her kids get that shit, but what exactly is the logic there? How is a day off school going to help in anyway? Presumably, the day off would be for “teachers and students to reflect about the Pope and their faith” or some such bullshit, but what the fuck? Like any kid’s gonna stay home from school and think about the dead Pope on his day off. Yeah right. That kid’s gonna wil’ out and hope more Popes die. If anything, they should have to go to school an extra day. Make ‘em go to school on Saturday. I bet that’ll make them appreciate the Pope’s life more than a day off.



At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As dope as they are KMD - Positive Kause in a Much Damaged Society. Did it once stand for Kausin' Much Damage? I don't know but if you are going to go with a shitty acronym you should at least go with it fully rather than take selected letters.

At 2:10 PM, Blogger SergDun said...

G.R.I.T. Boys

Ghetto Reality In Texas

that name rules

what the fuck was the Goodie Mob's acronym? it was some dumb shit about how god lives in your penis or something.


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