Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Pound goes BLOCKA, BLOCKA. Mack goes RRRIIINNNGGG...

- Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un... and be pertty and flirtatious and, ya know, girly: This review of "The Ice Princess" is so utterly ridiculous, I thought it simply HAD to be sarcastic. But, nope. Turns out this lil' lady is serious when she makes ridiculously ridiculous claims like: "While there’s nothing wrong with women pursuing careers in science, there’s a reason most of them don’t: their natural tendencies are toward other things" (my emphasis). Sheesh. Are you serious? "Natural tendencies"? Frontpage Magazine strikes again. She's a MENSA member, by the way. Just don't ask me what I was doing reading a review of "The Ice Princess."

- Capitalism for Art's sake: As Charles over on Through The Looking Glass astutely notes, "record company lobbies that oppose P2P software say they're doing it for the good of their artists, so they can get properly compensated for their work. As a benchmark of their sincerity, consider Fiona Apple's latest album. It's been bootlegged, and is widely available on P2P. Most of her fans would love to pay for it, but they can't -- the album isn't to the taste of the record company's marketing execs, so they're sitting on it." Read about it in detail right here. "For the good of their artists." Pssh!

- Schiavo, Shmiavo: Is it possible to go to a blog where they aren't talking about Terry Schiavo. Got damn, enough already. I'm sure if she was cognizant enough to know about all the political bullshit being thrown all over the place she'd say something simple and yet profound like Mr. Rodney King's "Can't we all just get along?" brilliance.

- America gets a D: Of course, this isn’t the most objective study ever done, but hey, it’s kinda funny nonetheless: China gives us a D on our human rights practices.

- Generational shit and stuff and shit: An interesting article about how cellphones and ipods will inevitably change the concept of “social space.” Obviously technology changes how we interact with each other and often times changes how we understand the world and each other, but, I think dude is a bit on the pessimistic side. Whatever. Interesting nonetheless.


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