Thursday, March 31, 2005

She said she gonna fuck me right, I'm like "fuckin' right"...

- Fuck “Forrest Gump”: I’m currently re-reading one of the most important books of the past several decades: Thomas Frank’s “The Conquest of Cool” (click here for an excerpt). I’ll speak more in-depth about it on tomorrow or Monday, but right now just peep this brief anecdotal blurb on “Forrest Gump.” It’s remarkable: “The exceedingly successful 1994 movie Forrest Gump transformed into archetype the rest of the conservatives’ understanding of [the sixties], depicting the youth movements of the sixties in a particularly malevolent light and their leaders (a demagogue modeled on Abbie Hoffman, a sinister group of Black Panthers, and an SDS commissar who is attired, after Bloom’s interpretation, in a Nazi Tunic) as diabolical charlatans, architects of a national madness from which the movie’s characters only recover under the benevolent presidency of Ronald Reagan.” Whew. Astute analysis all dressed-up in pretty prose is breathtaking.

- Re-Upped Oschino: Finally, the shrimp, I re-upped that Oschino Best of Volume 2 Mixtape. Go get it, dammit because I’m prolly not re-upping it again (that’s a lie).

- Only Built For Lebanese Links: Hot article about Raekwon’s “Only Built For Cuban Links” classic. Not hot article about the same rapper but pitchfork once again gives people a reason to hate on ‘em (I hate on ‘em a lot too, but I actually rather like the site and visit way more than my vocalized distaste for it would suggest). {UPDATE: This pfm link was changed. Originally they had Raekwon spelled as “Rakwan” and dude “hadn’t heard of him.” Hilarious.) And, in still more Wu news, 3 GFK albums in 2005! Dude is the only relevant member of the Wu left and even though he had one of the fucking hottest records out last year, dude still can’t sell records. Blah!

- ”My new CD”: It is my theory that you are officially doing well in this rap game when you stop referring to your new album as “my new record” and start referring to it as “my new CD.” Discuss.

- Hey you!: It half pisses me off and half delights me that last time I was at Max Fish (the MOST hippest of hip bars in the LES) they had Can’s “Vitamin C” up in the jukebox. I dunno if they still do. Nor do I particularly care, but it made my night to request it and never hear it because the jukebox was so fucking backed up. Anyway, interent celeb Rollie Pemberton-- who, I must admit, I’m not exactly sure HOW he became an internet celeb-- just recently discovered the song and for anyone that hasn’t heard it, well you’re a fucking idiot. Get it. It’s phenemonal. Drum heavy. Funky as shit. So fucking real. Yeah the Pharcyde sampled the vocal “HEY YOU!” but this song is just unfuckwittable on so many levels. Shame on Rollie for taking so long to get up on this. Furthermore, shame on him for not liking the Juelz Santana record. Rollie, dog, you missed the point big time on that one!



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