Thursday, March 24, 2005

I Sold Crack, I Am Crack

- Monobrows: If God wanted me to have two eyebrows, he would’ve given me two. OK? ‘Nuff said.

- Yousendit Shiz: Trying to disable the 25 download limit (file will still only be up for 7 days, though)? Do this: When a file is uploaded to, a url is given upon completion of the upload. This url is where the file is stored and is given to share the file. Once you get this url, simply edit it by adding the following code to the beginning of the link: Thus, the url shall read: . I like whoever wrote this used the word "shall." Hilarity.

- SXSW: Here’s the only SXSW redux that matters. Not that I was there or anything, but dude Matt is so real. But here’s the funniest redux that matters. Serg is my idol.
He posted some hard ass, murder-death-kill UGK shit over on the shrimp, too. Cop that.

- "The Earth is Only A Couple Thousand Years Old" (i.e. I’m an idiot so don’t even bother listening to anything I have to say): Religion is stupid and so are these people.

- Rekkids: If records come first in your life, you’ll probably gonna be at this sometime in the near future… though I certainly won’t because I’m ridiculously broke and a lot more focused on spending my money on alcohol.

- The Tipping Point: I just finished this book this morning and I'ma make a brief post about it tomorrow after I discuss it with a friend briefly because, truth be told, I think it fucking sucked. Convince me otherwise, friend.



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