Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Shittin' on the ave...

- It's just two thangs that got me trippin': Posted some Amerie shit o'er on the shrimp. Cop that.

- The Nickel: Tied for 5th place in my March Madness office pool. No dough for me. Weak.

- My hood: Aerial view of my hood. (Cue DJ Clue voiceover) New shit on google! Cool, but kinda scurry, no? Yes.

- Whatyerlifelike? Mine’s is real. E’rything’s signed and sealed…: My life has been feeling a bit like a bad B movie full of odd existential contradictions lately. I feel like every day is longer and longer, and yet there’s never enough time to do the things I want to do, and even though each day heavily trudges along so gotdamn slowly, my life is flying by and the heavy pages of the calendar are slowly/quickly drying up and falling off the calendar never to return. I feel like an old man and yet I feel gracefully immature and ridiculously juvenile. Everything that happens to me-- and everything that I make happen-- feels strangely familiar yet incomprehensibly unpredictable and random. My life is full of bad direction, bad acting, amateur editing, horrific lighting, and a series of mise-en-scene(s) that don’t reveal anything important about the narrative as a whole. Yesterday seems like a year ago. A year ago seems like yesterday. And, of course, vice versa. I’m trying to accept the dialectic nature of life and not get too caught up in expectations—trying to grasp and bask in the infinite potential of every moment, but it’s hard to grasp infinity when reality seems to take place in such a finite realm. I mostly just want to sleep a lot and be nice to people. People make the world go round.

- Remember dem days?: Web Archive. Self-explanatory really. Defunct website? Search for it.

- Support: One of my old Anticon buddies Dose has put up some exclusive collectible shit on ebay to raise money for Dax Pierson who was recently in a car accident and subsequently paralyzed from the neck down. Show some love with your money and bid if you’re into this shit, or just head over to Dax’s page and make a donation. Dude’s a good dude.

- Dairy Queen: I’m fiending for it, dog. Let’s make it happen.



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