Thursday, April 07, 2005

Mind on my money. Money, what's up, oh!

- Schiavo: Finally, something somewhat interesting about this Schiavo bullshit that isn’t just about politics. Apparently, the poor girl was bulimic and years of bulimia left her deficient in potassium, which lead to a heart attack, which lead to a coma. Very sad.

- Suuugar, gimme some: Why the fuck have I been FIENDING for sugar lately? Every morning when I walk by Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme on my way to work, I have an extremely hard time not stopping and copping some fucking delicious, scrumptious, succulent donuts. And, the abundance of Haribo in New York is mind boggling. I can’t go in any fucking corner stores without seeing these Haribo eyeing me the fuck up, just flat out BEGGING for me to buy them and eat them ‘til I’m all helpless and gummy-tummied up, feeling something like this. The fuck is wrong with the boy(me)?

- Tell this girl to get her weight up: Audrey is hands down one of the coolest, funniest, smartest human’s on earth. Unfortunately, she hasn’t updated this portion of her site in a long while (almost a year!) and she only just recently updated this portion of her site. So, your task—if you should accept it— is to go to both and check out her Vinyl Obsession and her Celluloid Obsession respectively, and then, while you’re there, vociferously encourage her to update more (i.e. post a comment that says “Ayo, update more, ho!” because women respond to misogyny).

- Hieroglyphics: So, which came first, this or this. Only God truly knows. Or maybe noz does over at Cocaine Blunts. This week is Hiero week o’er thuurrr. Go for some good Hiero shit (i.e. shit that came out before ’96).

- Stupidest thing I’ve heard in weeks: This is blatantly the stupidest shit I’ve heard in a long ass time. Go to your local thrift store. I absolutely guarantee you will find every Herb Alpert record you’re interested in. Can’t believe they’re reissuing shit that is so fucking simple to find for $1. In their defense, they’re remastering the shit and putting out some unreleased sessions, but got damn—it’s fucking Herb Alpert. I did NOT however know that “He was the A in A&M records” nor did I know he was 0% latin. Dude is the Elvis of Mariachi/Mexican music but we can thank him for the horns that RZA sampled on “Release Yo’ Delf” and Black Sheep sampled for “Flavor of the Month.” And, of course, this splendid record cover. Why don’t mothereffers ever reissue shit that actually deserves a reissue (I’m being melodramatic)?

- Duh: I dunno why it took me so long to realize who the fuck Mitch Hedberg was when there was all the hoopla about him dying. I recognized the name but it never really clicked. Then, I suddenly realized it was the guy who said funny shit like all of this. Now I’m sad. Dude was hilarious in a smart, likable way. Weak.

- Hardly conscious: Three hours of sleep ain’t good. Today’s gonna be rough.



At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see that album cover basically everytime I'm anywhere that sells used records...and I almost buy it every time because of the pic, but have managed to avoid the purchase.


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