Friday, March 18, 2005


So, I think I'ma turn this blog into more of a bulleted sorta "hey, look at this shit" type of deal(taking a page from the catchdubian book of bloggin'). Anyway, that being said, on with the "shit."

- First Appearance and/or Origins of "The Blog": Ever wonder where the term “blog” came from? Well, I have really and truly discovered the very first blog ever! Really! Truly!! Look higgity here! Blogging way back in 1985? Cuhhhraaaazy!

- Blogging and diversity: Speaking of the "first blog" and "blogging,” apparently, this whole "blogging" thing is pretty big now and everyone is doing it (like me) and there are even conferences on the stupid phenomenon (at Harvard no less) about how blogging might eventually replace traditional journalism. At first glance, this doesn't sound like a terribly likely thing to happen (remember when everyone was saying that the internet was eventually gonna replace books? psssh!), nor does it sound like a terribly terrible thing to happen, but honkeys are still running this computer shit so, maybe we need to check ourselves a bit. White people suck.

- David Bowie and Elton John: Speaking of Michael Berube (the apparent inventor of the "blog"), dude has written a fairly hilarious and on-point "rant" (I suppose that's what you'd call it) over at his website Michaelberubedotcizzom(not the actual address) about Bowie and John. Check it out by clicking right here.

- Neal Pollock: I just found out Neal Pollock has a blog. He's funny.

- target=_blank: Bloggers everywhere, learn this html tag. Love it. It is a wonderful, wonderful thing. T’is much easier to close a window than click on that pesky "back" button.

- DJ Paren: My boy from Indianapolis DJ Paren has been holding me down lately with sound advice and wise words of wisdom. The least I can do is link his bitch ass on my site. He’s got a messageboard that could use some trafficking (not like anyone comes here or anything though). You’re a strange one, Clint, but I love you, dog. We gon’ make it.

- Political Music in Postmodernity: Over on Rollie Razorblade’s site, my Newfie-become-Aussie boy Aaron Newell got down with some interesting political impotence commentary that essentially says "hey, your political music isn’t as political as you think, indy conscious rapper!" I agree. Try not to get caught up in the whole who-dunnit nonsense of it all ("Dude, was it Sole, Sage, or Buck who sent that email to him?!" and think about how it is possible (if at all?) to be authentically and effectively political in today’s fucked up Late Capitalist world. To me, it is the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION we must ask as both artists and social activists if we intend to really have an affect on the world because, quite frankly, it has become blatantly clear that the political tactics and techniques of the past, simply aren’t having the same effects that they had back then. In other words, it’s become clear that things like protesting and protest songs are no longer enough. In fact, maybe they’re not only “not enough.” Maybe they’re downright counterproductive(yeah, I said it), and we need to diligently re-re-and-re-examine and re-re-and-re-evaluate how we go about combating these forces that we so desperately want to change. I respect the passion and motivation of each and every political protestor who is fighting for what they believe in the best way that they know how, but we absolutely MUST seriously consider the possibility that the revolutionary weapons of the past are now obsolete, and we must develop new ones—both within and outside of art. Think about it’ ‘bout it.



At 9:31 PM, Anonymous aaron said...

emo. thanks for the shout yo.

i wish you'd get regular on here.

how do i get a derrida/dipset shirt?


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