Monday, February 13, 2006

It was not a significant bullet

Pretty? True. Annoying? Double true.

- The Giant Rabbit Lives!: Last week’s super popular giant rabbit story has gotten more interesting with this fantastic update. There’s more pics too!

- Brokeback Mountain Jokes Spread to Pacific Northwest: So, Gonzaga fans are being asked to stop using their Brokeback mountain chant to suggest that an opposing player is gay. I realize this shit is potentially offensive, but I can’t help but laugh thinking about a whole stadium of folks chanting “Brokeback Mountain.”

- I Don’t Like the Tone of this Article: This is an interesting article about misinterpretation of tone and intent in company emails.

- Killa Cam Luhs The Kids: Ok, I’m as big a Cam fan as you can be without being brokeback homo-erotic about it, but his children’s crusade to make a DVD that confronts sexual predators is as ridiculous of an idea as it is a bad one. Even the casual observer of this ridiculous ploy is sane enough to know that making a DVD about this ish is really not the most effective way to deal with sexual predators. I mean, Cam says he’s gonna confront these predators, getting to the bottom of the situation with enlightening questions like the following: “What the hell are you doing, you damn pervert? What the f--- is wrong with you, coming to meet a 13-year-old boy?' We're gonna talk to them and not let them leave until we find out what's wrong with them.” Excellent idea, Cam. All these guys need is a good “talking to” (i.e. ass-whooping) and that’ll totally change everything. In fact, just asking these fellas “what the f--- is wrong with you” is likely to make them see the light. Seriously, even for the most intentionally ridiculous rapper ever (unlike the most unintentionally ridiculous rapper ever: KRS One), this is just absurdly ridiculous.

- Gladwell: I’m a certified Malcolm Gladwell hater, but I haven’t really read enough of him to hate as hard as I do. I only hate on dude because I think “The Tipping Point” is overrated and it’s easy to hate on things that people jock the shit out of. Back in 1997, he did write an interesting article about race and sports.



At 11:42 AM, Blogger skinny said...

hate on gladwell for "blink" too. that book was pure shit.

At 12:07 PM, Anonymous caps said...

see this is why I fuck with this blog. giant rabbit updates like none other. you the dude. plus I agree re: Cam. Maybe we should send the Dips over to Iran to make a DVD about confronting Ahmadinejad. "what the fuck is wrong with you??"

At 7:44 AM, Blogger wayne&wax said...

not sure whether this will serve simply to affirm the hate, but i thought it was an interesting portrait of sorts.

At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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