Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Back to the grill again... the grill again.

- Been A Long Time: So, yeah, it’s been quite some time since I updated here. I’m finna get back on the grind. Real life often gets in the way of this whole writing-on-the-internet thing and when real life bogs me down, I don’t feel particularly inspired to talk about much of anything on my blog… so, I don’t. But, I’m back for now and I’m going to make a legitimate effort to update every day. Bear with me if I miss a day or two.

- First of all: Thank god Bill Simmons bet against the Seahawks! My dudes might actually take it this year! Who would’ve thunk it?

- Huh: Do we have any idea why the hell Sundance takes place in Utah? I mean, I know the name of the resort area is “Sundance,” but why the hell are they having a film festival there? France I can understand, but Utah? Anyway, I wish my job was this cool.

- Luke vs 50 Cent: Recently, a story was published stating that Luke was suing 50 Cent for copyright infringement for apparently biting some 2 Live Crew song when he did his little “Go shorty, it’s your birthday” spiel at the beginning of “In Da Club.” Ridiculous, right? Well, thankfully Luke has distanced himself from the law suit saying that “Let the record reflect that Joe Weinberger and [Weinberger's attorney] Richard Wolfe are the individuals who are suing 50….They are not suing on behalf of me or any member of the 2 Live Crew.” Say what you will about 2 Live Crew’s music, but Luke did a great deal for freedom of speech as well as for black music and I was quite disappointed to hear that dude was suing 50 for something so ridiculous.

- Euroguide for Beginners: Believe it or not, I also write for the best NBA blog out there, Free Darko and they’ve recently posted their unfuckwittable “Euroguide for Beginners” equipped with a bevy of incredible sketches to accompany the anecdotes and useful information (i.e. “Do they have black people?”). Shit is priceless.

- Promoters: Most promoters (and club owners) make no real effort to disprove the stereotypical coke-head/misogynistic/racist/money-grubbin’ jack-ass image that we’ve all grown to love over the years, but the dude Jeremy at Winged Lion Productions seems like quite the good dude (and he’s dudes with my dudes simple fly and nothing fancy) doing good thangs for the community.

- Truth: Some interesting commentary about the Cam and Jay-Z ish that’s about to bubble. I don’t agree with all of it, but I do agree with this: We should have a day set up every year where we can all breathe out and remind ourselves how badly "Takeover" stomped out "Ether.” I say this often and it’ll probably start up another comments section war, but I really can’t believe that there are people that think “Ether” is any good, let alone better than what is possibly the best diss song ever.

- Embarassing Heart Ache: This dude has a cardiac arrest at a cardiology ball. That’s the kind of ish that is only funny because it’s real. If it were penned in a fictionalized novel or movie, it’d be pretty damn stupid, but this guy REALLY had a heart attack and we all know that real heart attacks are hilarious.



At 7:33 AM, Blogger Ian said...

Thanks for the shout. Really, the whole Hot 97/Source thing in regards to "Ether" and "Stillmatic" was probably what inspire the "since I will not lose they try to help him cheat" line. Yeah, you really killed a guy's career when he ends up being your boss.

At 2:46 PM, Anonymous are oh bee said...

Welcome back, Welcome back, (ya know you like that)


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