Friday, February 03, 2006

I get higher than a tennis skirt

- White T’s and White Belts Tonight: You know the deal by now. If not, peep the fliers above.

- Serengeti “Race Trader” Album: I did a couple beats (MP3s: 1, 2) for my homeboy Serengeti’s free, downloadable “Race Trader” album. Shit is hot. Download them shits!

- Groundhog Day: I really don’t give a crud about Groundhog Day but this whole thing is kinda interesting if you’re into it.

- Rad: Rad is the best movie ever. For all you ADD freaks (i.e. these dudes) now you can watch a cute little 5 minute summary of the jawny jawn. So real. The soundtrack is amazing, too. Bunny-hopping a bike frame is still pretty trill as far as I’m concerned.

- Herzog is the boy: One of my favorite German directors saved Joaquin Phoenix’s life! It’s probably not all that dramatic, but he helped him from his car. That’s so real. See “Aguirre, the Wrath of God” if you haven’t.

- Black. White: Ice Cube’s new reality show could be kind’ve important. Seriously.

- Lemon Red: Chris Lemon Red is the dudest of dudes. The Rub folks swing by for 3 monthly mixes and he’s got a new Santana song up. A!



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