Monday, October 03, 2005

My guns go boom boom, your guns go pow pow

- Woodgrain 1200s: Fuck a wood grain steering wheel or a wood grain dash. It’s all about my dude Dan the Swede’s home-made wood grain 1200s. So fucking real.

- Teen Captures His Own Killing on Tape: This is fucking chilling. Gotdamn.

- RIP August Wilson: Playwright August Wilson died yesterday. Sad. RIP, homie.

- Dark Crystal Sequel: Damn. This should be hot. The special effects in the original early 80’s version were super dope so I can only imagine how this shit is gonna look now. Shit should be super trill. RIP Jim Henson.

- Cage vs Serg: I really like that Serg is into equal parts grimey street hip-hop and cutesy emo rap. It’s quite endearing that this uberly-macho alcoholic beer-connoisseur can find pleasure in both Three 6 Mafia as well as Sage Francis. In that vein, he’s posted some new Cage shit and has anyone mentioned how metro this dude looks now? Sheesh. Anyway, go listen to it if you’re into that sorta thing.

- The Devil Made Me Do It: From poplicks, Lynddie England blames her ex-lover for abuse photos. Laughable but infuriating.

- Roots Vs Project Pat: Weird song that’ll probably never see the light of day.

- Mr. Babylon: Hombre Blanco is getting better at teaching! Let’s applaud him. He’s the best blogger ever.

- Reggaetron: Thanks to free darko I am now aware that David Ortiz likes ReggaeTRON. Hah!



At 11:24 AM, Blogger Drew said...

August Wilson was the dude. I wrote a big paper on him a few years the guy's work, it's too bad.

Yeah, Cage looks like Jared Leto or some shit now. I guess kicking the dust habit automatically makes you want to dress like you're from Rome. I wouldn't know, as I am smoking dust right now (at work) while wearing strategically washed $500 jeans.

At 11:51 AM, Anonymous garrett said...

whaddup emile, i was googlin reef and whose blog did i come across--none other than emynds (plus bo bleezee said it was 'so necessary' and he was so sincuure) your ecletic collection of random musings, self-promotion and cogent commentary upon current hip-to-the-hop events often entertains me when I'm slaving away for my cruel master (the Geog 230 lab). Anyway I'm just shoutin you out and lettin' you know that Crap-Daddy Dollaz and I are headin' down to the 215th in the upcoming weeks so we will be hittin up you and Bliz and one of your black tee galas (i been pretty busy as this is my second to last semester at Dear Ol' State). In addition, I'm gonna send you and Bliz a poster I made and am attempting to market called
'Everything I Learned to Survive in tha Corporate World -- I Learned from Hip-Hop' sample quote:
"If ya head game right...I might ice ya chain" -Cam. "Ladies the glass ceiling can be broken -- just give dome" and other such applicable material (Beans' ruthless business ethic figures prominently as well). Anyway just sayin' whats up and good job. Holla at tha young boy-boy...Water
Garrett (


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