Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Come see Bo and I DJ at Medusa's Lounge tonight. We finna hold it down and rock the shit out of your previously useless body that will be put to good use through rhythm and melody and chanting and... well...

... just come dance.

Here's the promo for it. I didn't write it, but I agree with it.


So pretty much half of Philadelphia was at the last Family Affair party this past Friday night. Unfortunatly (or maybe fortunatly) Low Budget was on the left coast with Diplo doing the tour thing. So who supplied the the beats you ask? Emynd & Bo Bliz WRECKED THE PLACE. Yo, seriously no lie, Low B. sent these cats to fill in for him and dudes just plain and simple threw down. They played so well that we made some adjustments to get them on the line-up for Medusa's this Wednesday. If you were there last Friday, then you know the deal, if you werent, GET READY! The ladies were FEELING these cats on Friday. So yea, EMYND & BO BLIZ along side the best drink specials in Rittenhouse. Im not sure if you can really ask for much more out of a night.

:::TWNW | Medusa Lounge | 21st & Chestnut | Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik:::




P.S. The password is "Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk."


At 1:11 PM, Blogger Drew said...

I hear from my restaurant dealings @ CP that Medusa's is Philly's "premiere dive bar." Nothing wrong with that, honestly. I'll be over at the Blue Horseshoe (?) on Friday, pretending like I know about art/drinking if they got it. If you have that Reef then, review can be up online/other places by Monday. See you then.

At 11:08 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Ah, I just realized it's a primarily a drunk thing and less of an art thing. Drunk is art, though.


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