Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Back in the building... back on the map...

White T's and White Belts

Gyeah! It's that time again for the hottest first Friday party in the Smellydelphia district with your good, fine, special friends emynd, The Swede, and Bo Bliz. We've settled on making Ulana's on 2nd and Bainbridge (yes, it's the Goth club) the monthly jump-off because it's a dope spot (there's like 3 rooms and a fucking balcony... so real), we got the $2 PBR jump-off, and it's probably pretty close to you or your friends South Philly crib (which is a good place to get that pre-game action poppin' while watching that there Penn State game... WE ARE!). It's more of the same Debbie Deb meets Dipset meets Debbie Harry madness that you know and love with good peoples, good drinks, good DJs, and a whole lot of behinds moving in steady, calculated arhythmic motions. Shit's free before 11 so get there early, otherwise you'll have to pay a toll to the troll at the door to enter... but it'll be worth it either way. We killed that shit last month and there's no reason to think it'll be any different this time around so deifintely come through or suffer a fate worse than death: boredom on a Friday.

You ARE allowed to do the following at White T's and White Belts:

- This
- Dress like this
- This... but only at the end of the night
- This
- Extreme Feminism is encouraged but definitely not this
- And please no dudes up in the club like this (that means you, too, Bo Bliz).
- Synchronized swimming

Nothing's better than fun!

- Spiders on Drugs: Look at what happens to spiders on drugs. That shit's pretty funny if you ask me.

- Rap Rumors: A bunch of silly rap rumors/facts posted on a game forum. Weird. I love when people say "Rappers aren't as talented as any musician." So hot.

- Bun B Month: It’s Bun B month at Houstonsoreal. Go.



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