Thursday, August 11, 2005

White T's and White Belts: RETURN OF THE MACKS

T'is a very simply math equation:

[(Rap Music) + (Not Rap Music)]/(emynd + BoBliz + DanTheSwede) = (Insane Fun + Possible Sex)

Wear a White T if you like Rap. Wear a White Belt if you like not Rap. Wear both if you want to be a fucking dork. Wear neither because you cannot be easily stereotyped. Whatever.

Come to the beautiful Aqua Lounge (between 3rd and 4th on the north side of Girard Ave) and trade us (Dan the Swede, Bo Bliz, and me) $3 for 4 hours of party-time, excellent. That's less than a dollar an hour. There won't be any of this or this but that's a good thing. Instead, there will be a bunch of people having the opposite thought of this because there will be too much dancing. Drinks are cheap and people of loose morals will be there which means you might get laid... if not, your friends might, and it aint no fun unless your homie gets some. Stop being so selfish. Think about your friend for a change. S/he needs some booty just as much as you do. Jesus.

Please come.

Word on the streets is that superstar DJ LOWBUDGET is gonna swing through and drop a super crazy live ninja asssasin terrorist voltron set. Be there to find out if the streets is lyin'! (hint: they ain't).



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