Wednesday, August 03, 2005

It's a new day, and a better day is coming...

- Clean Slate: For better or for worse, I’m starting my 26th year on this earth with a clean slate. This is my year. I’m telling you. Shit’s gwan pop off for me. I’m telling you.

- Nas vs 50: Is this a diss song? I still think “Ether” is the most overrated diss song in the history of rap music. How motherfuckers want to argue that Nas even came close to winning that Jay-Z battle is absolutely ridiculous. I really don’t understand that shit. Anyway, Nas’s biggest flaw as an emcee is he doesn’t know his limits. Dude cannot make a hot party song and dude isn’t really that dope when he’s trying to spit this kind of hard shit. Which isn’t really a bad thing that he can’t do that shit. The bad thing is, he constantly tries to do that shit. Give it up! Just do that street, intellectual thug thing with your moments of brilliant flow and introspective insight and please chill the fuck out on the other shit, dude. Damn. “My raps bring horror like the board of a ouija”? Jesus. You’re embarrassing yourself, dude. Beat’s not bad though.

- Scribble Jam Canceled: I wouldn’t go to another Scribble Jam if my life depended on it. Apparently, this year’s got canceled. Hilarious. This is stupid funny, too.

- Freak bol: Call me a freak bol, but I kinda find the sweaty pics of the Black Eyed Peas jawn hot. I mean, if that’s urine, I ain’t having it, but nothing wrong with a little bit (i.e. a whole fucking puddle) of sweat.

- Homosexuals: I’ve got no beef with homosexual activity. I do have beef with this though. Hilarious. Every mother fucker in that crowd is wearing black too. Silliness.

- Huh?!: For the love of God, please somebody tell me what the fuck Pat Riley is thinking regarding this monster trade.

- Joe Pa: Any contemporary article about Joe Pa that doesn’t use the word “senile” at least once is simply not credible.

- Aaron's Records: Don't forget to buy hot records.

- AI and Steven Smith: Did we see AI on Steven A. Smith’s show “Quite Frankly” the other day? If not, well, you suck. It was great. WPI described it as “like watching two men going down on each other” but that’s so, so wrong. AI is the dude. Steven A. Smith is the dude. Put the two dudes together and you get AI crying when showed video footage of Larry Brown basically saying that Iverson is the hardest working player he’s ever been around, and, of course, you get quotables like this:

    -"I came up in the house, with a gun...where I pay the rent...and I came up on...I'm just gonna be straight with yall, 'some dudes that like other dudes'"

    - "A rapist, a child molester, man thats the worst thing you could be. CALL me a murderer...somebody come in my house, man, I'll get it done...but a rapist is the worst thing you could be."



At 2:06 PM, Blogger Drew said...

I agree with the "Ether" comment, but that's just because I'm much more of a Hova fan. Regardless of that, I think that track was so memorable becuase of meticulous and personal Nas got with it. This latest shit just sounds kinda generic; the only real indication that it's about 50 is the Jada and Joe reference, really. It makes it seem like Nas is just throwing the song out there just because everyone else has one out. Oh well. Diss tracks sound dated to me after a few weeks anyway.

Jason Williams? I remember when he first came to the league and everyone was like "Ooh, fancy-passing white guy, new Pistol Pete, played ball with Randy Moss, etc." but then people realized dude just really wasn't all that great. Like being on the same basketball team as Randy Moss is a selling point.

At 4:15 PM, Anonymous illwafer said...

[00:08] -Pure_EL- Nool!
[00:08] -Meta5- W00dchuck.
[00:08] -Pure_EL- hi!
[00:08] *** Mant|s has quit IRC (
[00:08] -Noolio- pl whatup
[00:08] -Pure_EL- shillin
[00:08] -Dosty- hey nool
[00:08] -Pure_EL- whas the haps nool?
[00:08] -Dosty- i'm still gonna send that tape sometime soon
[00:08] -Noolio- pl nuttin in ya mouf
[00:09] -Pure_EL- dope nool!
[00:10] -Noolio- pl WORD!
[00:10] * cypher- is gone, autoaway/20min [l/on p/on]
[00:10] -Noolio- like wordup DUDE!
[00:10] *** Bamz-illa ( has joined #hip-hop
[00:10] -Bamz-illa- hi hi
[00:10] -Noolio- pl: I'm still amped off karen mailing back
[00:10] -Pure_EL- bamz hi!
[00:10] -Noolio- that was a dope mail too
[00:10] -Pure_EL- dood
[00:10] -Pure_EL- that mail sucked
[00:10] -Bamz-illa- hi pure
[00:10] -Pure_EL- it was weak.
[00:10] *** Nool has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[00:10] -Pure_EL- she didnt jock you enough
[00:10] -Pure_EL- yo
[00:10] -Bamz-illa- letterman was on fire tonight
[00:10] -Pure_EL- let's play acro
[00:10] -Bamz-illa- he DISSED sweeden!
[00:11] -Bamz-illa- pure: uh, sure, let me get this magic, invisible, non-exsistant bot up, that i don't have
[00:11] -Dosty- doh nool
[00:11] -Pure_EL- hah bamz
[00:11] -JayBeeLiz- who is talking on this tpln shit?
[00:11] -Pure_EL- so why dont you get one?
[00:11] -Noolio- pl: she ain't down with hip hop though
[00:11] -Pure_EL- -PL'sRoomate- *FART FART FART*
[00:11] -Noolio- so like...I think that that's hella good mail for someone who hates this shti
[00:11] -JayBeeLiz- fuckit, my radio show is very very good
[00:11] -Pure_EL- hehe
[00:11] -JayBeeLiz- Again.. I will say.. my voice on the radio is the best.
[00:12] -JayBeeLiz- I'm just excellent. I'm incredible. Fuck.
[00:12] -Noolio- dosty whatup
[00:12] -Noolio- tape?
[00:13] -Dosty- noolio: for vertex and whatever else
[00:13] -JayBeeLiz- oh wow this is disgusting
[00:13] * Noolio got pinkeye
[00:13] -Noolio- dosty dope ok
[00:13] -JayBeeLiz- All praise to delf.. fuck the dumb shit.. UGH!!!
[00:13] -Pure_EL- noo: whassup with that pink eye shit?
[00:13] -Noolio- i got some of that
[00:13] -Bamz-illa- noolio: know what's good for pinkeye? butter.
[00:13] -Pure_EL- six-tray is so fucking sick!
[00:13] -Noolio- people call it pinkeye
[00:13] -Pure_EL- i love the horns and the flute and the guitar
[00:13] -Dosty- haha
[00:14] -Dosty- pure: i hate that track
[00:14] -JayBeeLiz- We are the best, with minimal effort.. unreal
[00:14] -Pure_EL- dosty: i love this track
[00:14] *** verses (beday@ has joined #hip-hop
[00:14] -Dosty- i hate self jupiter
[00:14] -Noolio- I call it the "disease you get from having sex with too many playboy models"
[00:14] -JayBeeLiz- you love the skin flute, email
[00:14] -Pure_EL- i love way cool too.
[00:14] -Pure_EL- micah goes nuts like whuts.
[00:14] -Bamz-illa- pure: nuts
[00:14] -JayBeeLiz- pink eye is spread by close contact with canine anuses
[00:14] -Bamz-illa- TOM GREEN ON LETTERMAN
[00:14] -Pure_EL- heh.
[00:15] -Pure_EL- sheet?
[00:15] -JayBeeLiz- let me piss, then grab one last brew before bed
[00:15] -Noolio- jaybee chronic
[00:15] -Noolio- holy shit
[00:15] -Bamz-illa- yo, get ya letterman on
[00:15] -Noolio- dude drinks hella all the time
[00:15] -Bamz-illa- nool: i called ryall, he tell you?
[00:15] -Pure_EL- s'called alcoholicism.
[00:15] -Dosty- self jupiter is the weak link in ff..i wish micah would do a whole Park Bench type LP
[00:15] -Noolio- bbb nah dun
[00:15] -Noolio- sayin wha
[00:16] -Pure_EL- yeah thatd be dope
[00:16] -Bamz-illa- nool: you sounded more like i thought you'd sound then he sounded
[00:16] -Pure_EL- dont you have that EP of his dosty?
[00:16] -JayBeeLiz- nool has a hairy ass
[00:16] -illdigi- hi.
[00:16] -Pure_EL- it's all jazzy ass shit.
[00:16] -Pure_EL- reminiscient of park bench people
[00:17] -Pure_EL- reminisent even
[00:17] -Dosty- NO
[00:17] -Noolio- jaybee me and you is like velcro baby
[00:17] -Bamz-illa- Mr_PIzzo got a shout out on the eminem LP. WACK
[00:17] -Dosty- what EP????
[00:17] -JayBeeLiz- that is some funny shit.. this magazine called 'rap pages'.. with abstrack pack on the front
[00:17] -Pure_EL- its not on vinyl i dont think
[00:17] -Pure_EL- "the fruit dont fall too far"
[00:17] -sparatik- tom green on letterman?
[00:17] -sparatik- when?
[00:17] -Pure_EL- "burn the izm"
[00:17] -Dosty- i remember he was signed to Capitol for a second
[00:17] -Pure_EL- "it's all love"

At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Futuristxen said...

Riley is thinking two things. One, Van Gundy can't handle this many egos. But Riley can. And two, with Riley handling said egos, they can win a championship.

The AI interview was nuts. Who knew that Steven A would ever do something on television that was worthwhile.


At 5:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You have to understand, everyone attending this event will be wearing a backpack," says promoter Klaus Hoeppner. "It's just a logistical nightmare."

this is so funny.-brains

At 7:56 AM, Anonymous aaron said...

wafer - how often do you go through irc conversations from 10 years ago? wow.

my slang game was tight back then.


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