Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Rap is more important than buying crap like food...

- Go DJ: Ok, so, no DJing in NYC this weekend. Turns out we’re doing another White T’s and White Belts party in Philly at the Aqua Lounge (323 W. Girard) this weekend. Definitely come through, you herbs. Don’t be fooled by the “West Girard” address. The Aqua Lounge is between 3rd and 4th on the north side of Girard Avenue. Anyway, Bo Bliz was originally scheduled to replace me (as if replacing me were really possible), but since I’m no longer DJing in NYC, I’ve invited myself to DJ with Bo and the Swede and they’re kind enough to accommodate my bitch ass. Anyway, here’s the flier. It’s fucking awesome. Seriously though, come through. It’s only $3 and will be a good ass time. The Aqua Lounge is a hella nice spot, too. You should also stop by Crossfaded Thursdays at Filo’s tomorrow. Shit will be poppin’ and I just copped a bunch of new reggaeton and shit. Even if you don’t like reggaeton, remember that the girls do. So, if you like girls, you should like reggaeton at least a little bit. Come through.

- Rap and Bull Shit: New R&B shit and new old Saafir shit (Yes, I realize I said “new old”) on the shrimp. Our game’s been tight recently.

- Dead Asian Video Game Player: This dude died from playing video games. Sucks.

- Two Racists Talking: HAHA! Just kidding Aaron. Peep this Buck 65 Interview. It’s quite good.



At 10:23 AM, Anonymous Aaron said...

that shit's not funny!

At 5:53 AM, Anonymous aaron said...

also: don't wear those shoes when we drinks beers in sept.


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