Monday, August 08, 2005

Me and my brother came out my mother with heat cocked...

Whew... what a hectic weekend. I gotta chill on the drinking. Sheesh. Anyway...

- We Use So Many Snares: An epic piece on reggaeton by the dude Wayne over at wayneandwax. This dude’s blog is worth checking all the fucking time. Super smart, hella readable, and always stimulating. Can’t hate on the we eat so many shrimp title-interpolation. Thanks for the referential shout-out!

- On and Off and On: This month’s Philly Hollertronix was on, then it was post-poned, now it’s back on… but it’s diplo-less and full of b-more in its new shape Voilatronix. Get your head bus’d.

- No Limit: Cocaine Blunts is starting his excursion through the No Limit catalog. I slept on hated on a lot of this shit when it came out because I was a uber-underground-nerd. So, I’m looking forward to being put on to some new old shit that I missed the first time.

- Bjork and Will Oldham: Bomarr posted this Bjork and Will Oldham shiz. Go holler at it before he deads the link.

- Spiders: The following is a story I’m quoting from a messageboard. Maybe only people who are deathly afraid of spiders will find this shit funny (me), but this shit had me dying:

    one time i was driving to the movies with my friend, and i was pulling up to a red light when i see this HUGE spider walking across my windscreen from her side to mine, when my friend saw it she screamed like someone was murdering her which nearly made me drive straight through the red light. we were both checking our windows to make sure it couldnt get in.. then it crawled up onto the roof, and i was freaking the fuck out coz i didnt know where it had gone.. thats when my friend told me i shouldve put on my windscreen wipers to push it off.. that sucked, im slow.

    we were going to the drive-in, so when we got to the booth to buy our tickets i didnt want to open my window for fear of it dropping into the car, so im yelling through a tiny crack in the window to the guy in the booth asking if there's a spider on the roof- there wasnt. so anyway we're watching the movie from out my back windscreen (my cars back seats fold down, so i had blankets and pillows and stuff) and i see this huge hairy spider leg walking down the side of the windshield, and i couldnt tell if it was inside or out.. turned out it was on the outside, so my friend got out to find it, but we never found it. im scared its still living in my god damn car, and one day itll run out on the inside of my windshield while im driving and ill crash into a powerpole or something. id just washed my car that day too, so i probably had patted it on the head or something while it was hiding down near my windshield wipers, GROSS!



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good lookin'. thought you'd like the title ;)


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