Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fuck a job, I'd rather work these blogs...

- The Cure: An absolutely brilliant piece on The Cure. Even if you don’t like The Cure, this is a great read.

- Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy: The complete Deep Thought archives by Jack Handy from SNL. Somebody find the complete “Ambiguously Gay” duo archives for me (and I don’t mean this Ambiguously Gay duo… I keed, I keed).

- Self Referential Aptitude Test: I can’t tell if this is a fake test or not, but it’s pretty damn clever regardless.

- NIN Remix Contest: The only thing really worth saying about this NIN Remix Contest is that on the webpage they say this: “Welcome to what will assuredly become the largest remix event of all time.” Hah. Melodrama at its finest. In semi-related news, I think we can safely say that both the word “remix” and the actual process of remixing are well on their way to being whitewashed. After all, peep the “Wired” cut-and-paste issue. They talk to absolutely no black musicians about “remixing” and, in their huge timeline of “Remix History,” something like 5 of the 80 artists pictured are black. It’s sad. History is being re-written before our eyes and the contributions that black culture has made are being over-looked and shamelessly appropriated.

- Miami Bass: Dope article about Miami Bass.

- WTF: Oliver points out that this is weird. Weird, weird, weird. Serg clears things up in the comments section though. Hah!

- Science is Losing To Religion: Bah! If there is a God, I guarantee he hates his fanatical, idiotic sycophants more than he hates the rest of us. There’s nothing worse than a dick-rider dick-eater (Ed: must update slang).

- Real World: I shouldn’t even have to link this anymore because you should have it bookmarked. Go here for more Real World Austion recap. I’m telling you, it’s better than watching the shit.



At 7:10 AM, Blogger G said...

i thought that timeline was pretty balanced considering it wasn't just about music but writing and software and other crap too. at least they had perry and steinski in there.

sidenote: that william s. burroughs piece was interesting

At 11:17 AM, Blogger Drew said...

Reznor is the king of melodrama. The guy's an amazing musician but every time i hear him talk i get the impression that he would crucify his mother to achieve rock immortality. When he released an album awhile back, I was reading a magazine interview with him and he made it especially clear to point out that he "was not out to save rock & roll." Who said you were? What a douche.


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