Monday, July 25, 2005

Best believe your drank gone get drank up....

- Big Ups: Big ups go out to urrybody that bothered to engage my dumb ass in some blog conversation recently, especially Pearsall Helms. Go to his blog. Shit is better than mine.

- Big Numbers: I’m really bad at grasping big numbers. When I’m at a concert or some sort of big event, as soon as there are over 50 people, I have a hard time even estimating how many people are present. 150 people? 650 people? Shit might as well be exactly the same to me. So, in that vein, we have this which allows us to visualize $87 billion. Of course, it’s a bit of a dated link, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

- Fashion: I can totally imagine David Brent showing up to work wearing one of these. “Fashion.”

- Reef the Lost Cauze: Reef’s got a new album coming out soon, but I posted some of his older shit on the shrimp. Scoop it. It’s good stuff. I did the beats to “This is My Life” and “The Puzzle.” Feel free to diss the shit out of ‘em (especially my use of the rather played “Come Dancing”).

- Hood 2 Hood: I must admit, I do want to see this. I’m sure there’s plenty of disturbing and downright reprehensible shit going on in this video, but, to me, the most disturbing thing about it is that it’s fucking 5 hours! FUCK. That’s ridiculous.

- Mississippi Burning: I haven’t seen “Mississippi Burning” for years upon years, but it was brought up recently in a messageboard post and I found this article about it. Read it if you’ve seen the movie or are bored.

- RIP frhate: To anybody who used to frequent the Anticon board years ago, you might remember the long stories a member named “Frhate” used to post. They were really interesting Kerouac-esque, Hobo stories that were rather well-written and always interesting. Unfortunately, the talented, free-spirited soul passed on recently but people with more foresight than me were wonderful enough to copy/paste them jawns and preserve them for eternity. Go here to read the stories. They’re great. R.I.P. Serg with more on the man.



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