Friday, July 08, 2005

Sometimes saying nothing is saying too much.

- Fuck You, Terrorists: My prayers are with the people of London. This world sucks. People suck. Fuck. Here’s a rather beautiful essay by English Professor at Chapel Hill John McGowan over on Berube’s blog (where McGowan posts every Thursday). Good stuff denouncing violence, but it raises a lot of questions about the efficacy of pacifism as well. We need to think hard about this shit—so hard that it starts to hurt in the back of our heads; so hard that we get frustrated and confused and thoroughly annoyed with the complexity of it all; so hard that we don’t want to think about it anymore. But, once we get to that stage were we can’t, won’t, and don’t want to think about it anymore—once we are so overwhelmed with the potential hopelessness and the mind-boggling intricacy of these difficult questions—we shouldn’t stop thinking. No. That’s when we know the productive thinking has really started. So, for those of us who don’t know what to do, and don’t know where to put our energy, and don’t know how to react to any of the bullshit that has cropped up since 09/11/2001 (and, to be realistic, long before that), the only truly revolutionary act I can envision that will eventually bring about true and lasting change, Change, CHANGE is: thinking really fucking hard about this shit. Which of course doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do other more traditionally “active” tasks (teaching, volunteering, protesting), but the most important thing we can do right now is think hard about how we can make the changes we need in this world and stop assuming that the conventional wisdom(s) that we rely on are “common sense” and “tried and true.” We must accept the possibility that what we’ve been doing isn’t “right” or “enough” or “effective.” We must challenge everything—especially ourselves.

- Capitalism: So, if Baudrillard is right and there’s no “outside of Capitalism” (unfortunately, he is right) the obvious answer to combating the system is working “through it,” right? Well, yeah, but Steven Shaviro articulates the predicament we’re in beautifully in this essay. Absolutely breath-taking stuff like: “The thing to remember is that, even when we strive to resist the commodity’s allure, and the ubiquitous domination of the marketplace, it is only in the terms set forth by the commodity itself that we can do so.” Brett Easton Ellis was right: “There is no exit.” But perhaps there’s “wiggle room,” no?

- Blog Notating: Anybody know if the MLA or APA is planning on adding a standardized way to quote and notate blog citations in an academic essay? I know they’ve got web address shit and personal email shit, but I wonder if they’ll come up with a Blog-specific format since there’s so much interesting stuff being written on blogs lately.

- And now for something completely different: Got Ray Allen, but old Seattle mainstay Nate McMillian is heading down the highway. Weak.

- Lil’ Kim: So, yeah, Lil’ Kim is going to jail. Just a few things to say about this shit. First, I think it’s pretty cool that the judge compared it to the Martha Stewart case, basically stating that he couldn’t justifying sending Lil’ Kim to jail for much longer than Martha for basically committing the same crime. True, Lil’ Kim lied about a “violent crime” while Stewart lied about a “white collar crime,” but I think the judge was aware of the racial elements that are necessarily involved in cases like this and probably made the right decision. Secondly, I don’t understand why all these idiotos are talking shit about Lil’ Kim on messageboards and whatnot. Sure, she lied, but she did it to protect her friends. Fuck the fucking justice system! I’d commit “perjury” in a second to protect all of my close friends. Lil’ Kim basically just didn’t snitch. Y’all motherfuckers hating on her for it are all a bunch of snitches. Now I’ma go cop a “Stop Snitchin’” Dipset shirt and shoot you.

- Zey Call it Murdaaahhh: So “Welcome to Jamrock” has gotta be the official summer jam… at least of the East Coast. “Gimme That” and “Stay Fly” are contenders as well, but “Welcome to Jamrock” is knockin’ the tri-state. There’s some interesting discussions goin' on about the song courtesy of a Brown student and her professor. Yeah, there’s a bunch of authenticity arguments being thrown around by the student, but dude at wayne and wax sets the argument in the right direction. Interesting stuff that is way more interesting than my Saul Williams tirade (which I might update with new thoughts or just let die). Thanks to Dr. Robert for putting me up on the debate.

- A Shit Load of Rap Videos: I kinda feel like I posted this before, but I dunno. Here it is again anyway. I’d never seen Kanye’s “Two Words” video, but now I have… and it’s effin’ awesome.

- Penis Snipping: Awesome post by Junichi over at Poplicks where he first presents his original argument against circumcision (which is damn convincing), but then changes his mind back to the pro-knife stance because of a new study that shows significant benefits. That Junichi dude is smart and hilarious. Go. Read.

- Basketball Season Is Over: Saddest thing about the NBA season being over? Free Darko is now in remission. Maybe we can convince them to tell silly anecdotes that have nothing to do with basketball over there on an almost-daily basis just so I’ll have something funny and provocative to read. We should at least convince Bethlehem Shoals to talk more about Freestyle Fellowship and jazz (you didn’t know he was uber-nerdy about that shit too, did you? Not particularly surprising is it?). Anyway, get at it Shoalsy!


At 8:15 AM, Blogger Bethlehem Shoals said...

we're all sitting up in maine trying on new pairs of socks. check back for periodic updates, none of which will involve freestyle fellowship, but i need some well-earned laziness.

At 9:43 AM, Anonymous caps said...

Funny you should mention blog citations, my dude. The new Bluebook (18th edition whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!) just came out this week and it's including a section on citing blogs. So now all us law-types will be able to synchronize and standardize our blog-reading notation. BITCHIN!

- will

At 10:52 AM, Blogger Rocco Chappelle said...

There is a difference between not snitching and just being stupid. From what I understand in one statement she made she denied even knowing who D-Roc was even though there are probably thousands of pictures of them together from the last 10 years. In another statement she admitted to knowing D-Roc (duh) but claimed that he wasn't there when folks started to pop off but she had to know that there were cameras all over the place. Just mindless idiocy. Sometimes obvious and easily refutable lies are just as bad as snitching.

At 11:04 AM, Blogger emynd said...

It's immediately obvious that i didn't follow the Lil' Kim case at all and was really just talkin' shit on some "Stop Snitchin'" shit. But, thanks for setting me straight on such an important point, Rocco.

At 12:30 PM, Blogger wayne&wax said...

glad you dug my thoughts on jamrock. i appreciate the forward. i enjoyed reading the debate you started over the saul williams/catchdubs project. it's good to raise these questions, if only to be vigilant about confronting our assumptions, stereotypes, and (often subconcious) ideological positions. big up.

At 2:21 PM, Anonymous faux_rillz said...

Gerard Lynch was my Criminal Law professor--he's a good guy, and one of the best minds on the bench in the Southern District. If you do a web search, you'll see that he's cultivated something of a specialty in rap-related cases.

At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Ian said...

Darko is playing right now in the Vegas summer league....and apparently he still sucks. Haha. Brown screwed this kid up nice and good. They say even in Vegas every time he gets the ball he's looking around with the shakes, waiting for Larry Brown to jump out and rattle his marbles some.

Those Carolina Boys sure do know how to mess talent up real good. Kwame Brown still doesn't know heads for tails after Jordan got finished with him.

And that Mcmillan mess is what it is, a mess. How do you go to the Blazers from the Sonics? I don't understand it. He knows damn well and good what that means, and he did it just to spite.

When the Blazers visit the Sonics for the first time it's going to be ugly. Sonics fans, people don't know it, but those folks aren't happy go loving hippie kids. They cheered when Tim Duncan rolled his ankle against them in the WCSF.



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