Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The one to look out for...

- Grab a Crying Towel: Some sad, sad shit about the Bhopal, India gas leak in 1984 and The Dow Chemical Company from the wonderful, wonderful website Knowmore: The Corporation Watch Search Engine. Here’s a piece by David Watson from—as my boy icarus from the Shrimp describes it—the “formerly important anarchist newspaper The Fifth Estate.”

- That song that gives you shivers: Here’s a study some neurologists did monitoring people’s brains when they listened to music that consistently gave them shivers. Pretty interesting stuff. There’s a sentence that bothered me though: “The study also revealed that the brain processes consonant and dissonant sounds in very different ways.” Aren’t “consonance” and “dissonance” socialized phenomenon though? Or aren’t they at least very subjective terms? Or is there something more “scientific” about the terms that I’m failing to understand. I mean, there’s a heck of a lot of dissonant music out there that people like… presumably at an emotional level as well as an intellectual level.

- Bahaha!: Rollie linked this. Hilarious.

- Dip-SET: It’s Diplomats Week over at allhiphop.com. GYEAH GYEAH GYEAH GYEAH!

- It Ain’t Easy Being an Atlanta Hawks Fan: The Sports Guy intern with some funny shit ‘bout being an Atlanta Hawks fan.

- Reef the Lost Cauze: My dude Reef hit me with an advanced copy if his new album “Feast or Famine” that’s dropping on Good Hands Records in September. I’ve got three beats on the bitch (and obviously, they’re the best three) and it’s a real solid album. I’d be lying if I said I felt 100% of the shit, but it is a really solid album from a soon to be Philly superstar. Reef is lyrically adept, charismatic, and can just flat-out rap. I’ma post some of his old shit on The Skrimp tomorrow or the next day. But, his new album is tough. Be very scurred.



At 8:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if i remember correctly dissonance, is measured by how far away tones are on a scale.


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