Thursday, July 14, 2005

Emil'll blamblam 'em.

- DJing Tonight: Come check me out at Filo’s tonight with my man Bo Bliz for Crossfaded Thursdays. Shit’s been poppin’ off lately. Good times, good music, good air-conditioning. Hottest shit south of Spring Garden on a Thursday night. So holler at us. City Paper says so (scroll down).

New Blog Rollers: I’ve added a few links to my blog-roll but since nobody uses those stupid blog-rolls, I’ma post ‘em here too:

- My Hair (Kinda Homo): My hair is looking particularly scummy lately. It’s the humidity, I think. My once vibrant, bouncy curls are now oily, heavy, and decrepit. Don’t worry, though: I’m having a telecom with my-twin-brother-from-another-mother Jim Jones at lunch today. We’re going to discuss coordinating our summer look and, amongst other things, healthy hair and beard tips. Talk to ya in a few hours, Jim-bo!

- FUCK YOU: I’m fucking elated that Bernard Ebbers was sentenced to 25 years in prison for his WorldCom fraud. That fucker should’ve gotten life. Fuck you, you piece of shit.



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