Sunday, October 31, 2004

How To Get a Job in the Skateboarding Industry


Highlights include Position proposal and Military history.


Michael Cimino is an Idiot.


“My movie is basically about friendship and courage and what happens to these qualities under stress… The war is really incidental to the development of the characters and their story… It’s part of their lives and just that, nothing more. So, the war is simply a means of testing their courage and will power. It could be any war except that it’s a film of a certain age taking part in a war of their generation that doesn’t happen to be either the Civil War, World War II, or Korea.” - Michael Cimino

The above is quoted from the “Film Notes” extra-feature on the DVD of Michael Cimino’s wonderful movie The Deer Hunter. This, my friends, is why an artist of any medium should never be interviewed about what he or she wanted the work to do (or even thinks the work does). Seriously though, does Mr. Cimino really believe that his movie is a film that is simply about “friends and courage and what happens to these qualities under stress”? I mean, shit: “stress”?! Does he really fucking believe that fighting in a ruthless war and being forced to play Russian roulette while imprisoned by a handful of absolutely heartless North Vietnamese soldiers is defined by the oh-so-lofty and eloquent term “stress”? I mean, dude, don’t you think you should consider using a word with a little bit more weight? Are the atrocities of war and the resulting psychological mind-fuck left behind from witnessing (and often even taking part in) these atrocities really encapsulated by the word “stress”? Sure, the movie is about “friendship and courage” and perhaps I’m harping on a detail that isn’t really that important, but I’ll be damned if “The Deer Hunter” is just a movie about how “stress” affects people and their relationships with each other.

Likewise, Mr. Cimino’s notion that the war is simply “incidental to the development of the characters and their story” is equally as ridiculous. The war may just be a “part of [the characters’] lives,” but the war certainly is not simply supplementary or “incidental.” It is absolutely the primary driving force of the movie. The war IS the movie. After all, the war is what gives the movie its central narrative strand and it affects every single character in the film. Perhaps “it could be any war,” but again, Mr. Cimino is off-base in suggesting that the war somehow takes a backseat to the themes of courage and friendship and will power. And frankly, I find the idea that the war is simply “incidental to the development” of the movie to be quite a fucking offensive one. Certainly, Mr. Cimino probably just wants to believe that his movie is only all about “humanity” and “being human” and “humanness” and “mortality” and “friendship” and other softhands shit. But it’s not. It’s fucking not. It fucking can’t be.

Like it or not, Mr. Cimino, your movie is primarily about war and its effects. And, like it or not, war isn’t and perhaps can’t really ever be simply “incidental.” And perhaps additionally, to treat war as simply being “incidental”—simply a supplementary narrative tool—is to fail to consider seriously the scope of war’s effects. Lucky for Mr. Cimino, his movie itself recognizes the scope of war, even if he is incapable of seeing that.

And perhaps as a bit of a conclusion, I’ll leave you with this little anecdote I heard about the wonderful author Flannery O’Connor. I once heard that she was asked how one of her character’s hat and jacket were symbolic or important in one of her stories. She replied (in jest, of course), “Well, the hat is important to keep the man’s head warm, and the jacket was important to keep his body warm.”

So, let this be a listen to you all. Don’t talk about your art. You’re going to sound like an idiot and, in turn, convince people that you accidentally made a brilliant work.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Frederick Wiseman's "Titticut Follies"


I posted this over on the Hollertronix "Knowledge Jewels" board a while back, but I wanted to put it up here for the folks that missed it.

Frederick Wiseman

"Titticut Follies" is a documentary about a Massachusetts institution for mentally ill convicts. The state of Massachusetts commissioned Wiseman to make the film in order to valorize the institution-- to show all the good work that Titticut Follies Bridgewater Institution was doing. Instead, the film wound up making the inmates seem more sane than the inhuman guards and doctors, serving as a rather caustic criticism of the institution. The beauty of the film (as well as its efficacy) is found in the performative nature of the editing. Which is to say that the film is all about the "HOW" as opposed to the "WHAT"-- the insanity and inhumanity of the guards isn't spelled out in any narrative form, but is only narrated through the editing and style of the film. And, Wiseman's film was so effective, so harrowing, that the same people that commissioned the work ended up banning it.

Thus, the film is so powerful precisely because it says so much by literally "saying" nothing. Or, in other words, the performative utterances of style are the content-- or as reknown Marxist scholar Fredric Jameson puts it in "The Political Unconscious" the "form is content, [and the] content is form."

Internet Movie Data Base:

- "Highly controversial documentary chronicaling life inside a Massachusetts institution for mentally ill convicts. This film was kept for years from the public eye due to its portrayal of abuses of the mentally ill at the hands of the guards and doctors" (sic)

- This entry on the IMDB is only instructive because of how LITTLE information it gives about the movie.

Interview with Wiseman:

McKay: It seems like "Titticut Follies" is in a way your most known or written about work maybe because the films that followed it are thought of more as a body of work and "Follies" just had so much controversy surrounding it.

Wiseman: I think that "Follies" got well known because it was banned, the State of Massachusetts made the classic mistake... I would have preferred that they hadn't banned the film, but they did. I mean, it was stupid of them.

McKay: I want to go back to "Titticut Follies" and ask if the film in the end affected a change in the system and was it the affect that you maybe expected?

Wiseman: Well, you're raising the whole issue of film and social change. I think over time the film may have had some impact in changing the system, but it's very very hard to isolate any one film or any one event or document of any sort, whether its "Titticut Follies" or anything else, and say, that's what caused the change. I think the film contributed to a climate which led to the change, the MASS Bar Association got interested in Bridgewater, the MASS Medical Association and some of the newspapers. I think it would be presumptuous of me to say that was as a result of the film... I think the film may have played a part in it, but I think it's extraordinary difficult, whether it's with the "Follies" or anything else to measure the effect of any one thing. I mean you hope it has an effect but in a sense it's probably better over a long period that the effect is not measurable and that you recognize that its circumstances are oblique and subterranean.

McKay: When you set out to make it, was that part of your motivation?

Wiseman: Yes, it was but in retrospect I think it was naive because I don't think that any one work is that important. The fact is that people are not that stupid, one film is not the only source of their information, they read newspapers, books, they have their own experiences etc.

McKay: If one wants to find your point of view, one can, if they watch closely?

Wiseman: That's right. My point of view is expressed indirectly in the structure. In the same way, in that sense -- that aspect of the editing is like writing. If you read the first paragraph of a novel, you don't know what the writer's attitude is toward the characters. You've got to see how it unfolds and the whole novel is the expression of the writer's ideas about the people he creates. Similarly, in one of these movies... If I could summarize it in twenty five words or less, I shouldn't make the movie.

Canadian Film Festival:

- Wiseman's first doc premiered in 1967, but soon after was suppressed by the political maneuverings of a Massachusetts State legislature unwilling to accept responsibility for the film's horrific truths. It would take 20 years of legal wrangling to unshackle Titticut Follies, and finally show the world what once went on at the Bridgewater State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Wiseman's silent lens peers into the cells and down the corridors of a dilapidated institution whose administrators, psychiatrists and social workers seem more concerned with keeping its inmates drugged than actually caring for them as human beings. In one grotesque sequence, an emaciated inmate is force-fed through a tube inserted up his nose, while the 'professional' looms above him with a dangling cigarette whose column of ash grows precariously long. Wiseman then juxtaposes a chilling image of the same inmate a few days later, who - now dead - is finally receiving some humane and gentle treatment at the hands of the mortician. Writes Charles Taylor in Sight & Sound: "You emerge from the film in something like a state of low-level shock. Days later the atmosphere comes flooding back, and when it does what hits you are not the abuses that Wiseman records, but the feeling of how dehumanized life is at Bridgewater, and how that dehumanization is so familiar it has become banal."

Robert Kramer Speaking with Frederick Wiseman:

W: With Titticut Follies, the original decision of the Massachusetts Supreme Court said I had to put a notice at the end of the film saying that since the movie was made, conditions had changed at Bridgewater, which is the place where the film was made. I had to do that to show the film under any circumstances. So I put in a title card, "By order of the Massachusetts Supreme Court a notice has to be appended to this film saying the conditions have changed." That's one card and the following card was, "Conditions have changed." It's a perfect ending to the movie because it emphasizes the ridiculousness of the order.

Purchasing Information:

Rental pricing and purchase pricing are outrageous: $400 and $500 respectively. Obviously, these films are pretty much reserved for institutional usage (i.e. Universities, libraries) but you should be able to find his work in a local library. Rumor has it that all of Wiseman's work (including "Titticut Follies") will be on DVD by the end of the year.

Wiseman Filmography


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sam Taylor-Wood's "Crying Men"


Another Tear Jerker
Plagiarized from Autumn/Winter 2004 Issue of “Another Magazine: For Men and Women” which I bought for obvious reasons

“It started out with a quote I heard,” Sam Taylor-Wood Explains. “ ‘Women cry, men get angry.’ And from there I wanted to create portraits of guys less in control of their egos than they are normally.” And where can you find more monumental egos than in Hollywood? The artist is renowned for her intimate portrayals of isolation and psychological fragility. Now, with Crying Men, to be featured in a major New York show this autumn and published in a book, she has invited actors to break down for the camera. And it wasn’t always easy, because everyone knows boys don’t cry. No Sliced onions were used and no cruel “your dog just died” tricks.

“None of them knew they had to cry until the day they walked in. Some refused to do it, at other times I had to physically block the door. But my job was to get them to that point, and let them take it from there – I mean they’re actors after all.” Woody Harrelson, Tim Roth, Benicio Del Toro, Jude Law, and William Dafoe among others turned on the waterworks for Taylor-Wood. Each experience was unique – some shook with grief, others quietly wept and Laurence Fishburne couldn’t stop himself crying.

Looking at the portraits, the results are complex and powerful, impossible as it is to unravel what is real from what is false. Actors at the pinnacle of their career are so comfortable, if not more comfortable in front of the camera, as alone. So what is going through their minds as they cry? The viewer is torn between the uneasy position of voyeur of a man’s most private moment, all the while knowing the man in question could just as easily be reciting shopping lists in his head. – Hannah Lack

My boy Benicio ballin’ his little eyes out.

Hayden Christensen

Buy Taylor-Wood's book HERE


Friday, October 22, 2004

Taryn Simon's "The Innocents"


So, recently I went on a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark to visit my brother. Yeah, yeah, yeah there's a lot of nice stuff to see there and them Europeans sure do got some o' that there "culture" and blahzay blah, but hands down the most interesting thing I saw in Denmark (besides way too many beautiful, beautiful blonde women) was Taryn Simon's "The Innocents" photography exhibit in the Nikolaj Platz Contemporary Art Museum. I know it's pretty American-centric of me to go to Europe and proclaim the hottest shit I saw there to be a contemporary American art exhibit, but what can you do? Anyway, fuck it. The shit was hot.

So, as a bit of background, directly before appearing in Copenhagen, Simon's exhibit was displayed in New York's PS1 MoMa and they describe the exhibit on their website like this:

The Innocents... documents the stories of individuals across the country who served time for violent crimes they did not commit. These works question photography’s use as eyewitness account, acknowledging that unjust convictions often result from a victim’s response to photographs and lineups in law enforcement’s identification process... Simon photographed these men at sites that had particular significance to their illegitimate conviction: the scene of misidentification, the scene of arrest, the scene of the crime or the scene of the alibi. All of these locations have been assigned contradictory meanings for the subjects. The scene of arrest marks the starting point of a reality based in fiction. The scene of the crime is at once arbitrary and crucial: this place, to which they have never been, changed their lives forever. In these photographs Simon confronts photography’s ability to blur truth and fiction—an ambiguity that can have severe, even lethal consequences.

At the time I was reading Foucault's "Discipline and Punish" so the whole exhibit was especially heartbreaking with respect to Foucault's central thesis that the modern penal system no longer attempts to simply punish the criminal's body through imprisonment, but that that it should "strike the [criminal's] soul." Of course, Foucault goes to greath lengths to make a very solid argument for this thesis throughout his wonderful book, but it struck me that nowhere is this "conviction of the soul" more clear than in the wrongful conviction of an innocent person. Accompanying the actual photographs at the exhibit was a short film that contained video-taped excerpts of interviews that Simon conducted with the wrongfully convicted men after photographing them. Needless to say, the interviews were some of the most heartbreaking testimonials I have ever wtinessed and without fail, each and every interview expressed the inexroable sense of hopelessness and dread that their time in jail had hammered into them..

But, even without the somewhat marginal Foucault linkages, the exhibit is an extremely powerful illustration of the clear disjunction between the absolute search for "Truth" (yes, with a capital "T") that our criminal justice system assumes is possible and the subjective "truths" (yes, plural, with a lowercase "t") that are available in our perpetually subjective world.

But, enough talking... Look at some of the pictures. Some are remarkably beautiful, and the beauty of the images makes them that much more frightening and heartbreaking.

Taryn Simon Art Images: 8 Pictures from "The Innocents" Exhibit

LARRY MAYES: Scene of arrest, The Royal Inn, Gary, Indiana -- Police found Mayes hiding beneath a mattress in this room --
Served 18.5 years of an 80-year sentence for Rape, Robbery and Unlawful Deviate Conduct, 2002

RONALD JONES: Scene of arrest, South Side, Chicago, Illinois -- Served 8 years of a Death sentence.

LARRY YOUNGBLOOD: Alibi location, Tucson, Arizona With Alice Laitner, Youngblood's Girlfriend and alibi witness at trial -- Served 8 years of a 10.5-year sentence for Sexual Assault, Kidnapping and Child Molestation

TROY WEBB: Scene of the crime, The Pines, Virginia Beach, Virginia -- Served 7 years of a 47-year sentence for Rape, Kidnapping and Robbery

Buy the book with all 45 pictures and interviews here

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Aaron's Selling Records

Here are records my dude Aaron is selling. Contact his ass at if you want any of these t'ings:

“Past Hits” – repress comp ep – Beatnuts “Props Over Here”, Jeru “Da Bitchez”, Big L

“Devil’s Son, ATCQ “Bonita Applebaum”

A Thin Line hip hop sampler (Ganjah K, Dru Down, etc.) ep

Abstract Rude and ATU – Thynk Taynk – 2LP – clear green vinyl

Aceyalone – Faces / The Guidelines 94 / Fortitude 12”

Aceyalone – Greatest show on Earth promo 12”

Aceyalone – Mic Check 12” promo

Al Tariq (of the Beatnuts) – God connections (prod beatnuts, No ID) 2LP

All Natural – Writer’s Block / Hip hop history 101 / 50 Years / Hip Hop Avenger (Spiderman song) 12” (X2)

Anomaly – Howle’s Book excerpts ep

Arsonists – Seed / Venom 12”

Artifacts – Art of Facts / More Facts 12” (X2)

Artifacts – Dynamite Soul II feat Mad Skillz / Who I AM / Dynamit Soul LP version 12”

Artifacts – That’s Them – 2LP

Artifacts – The Ultimate / Showbiz remix – 12” (X2)

ATCQ – 1nce Again / The Garment Renaissance promo 12” (X2)

ATCQ – Award Tour / The Chase promo 12”

Atmosphere – Overcast 1lp

Attica Blues – Tender / Remix feat Organized Konfusion 12”

Bahamadia – Kollage 2LP (promo)

Beatfactory Rap Essentials – feat Choclair, Kardinal (Notty Dread), Rascalz, etc. great compilation of “earlier” Canadian hip hop (2LP)

Beenie Man – Slam 12” w/ Special Ed “I Got It Made” remix

Big L – MVP and remix 12”

Big L – Street Struck promo 12”

Black Attack – My Crown / Correct Technique – produced by ghetto professionals
(beatnuts) (rawkus)

Black Eyed Peas (oh what happened) – Fallin Up / que dices? (X2) 12”

Black Moon – Diggin in Dah Vaults (rarities, remixes, b-sides, official release) 2 LP

Blahzay Blahzay – Pain I Feel / Good Cop Bad Cop 12”

Bomb Records – Return of the DJ Vol II 2LP

Boogiemonsters – God Sound 1 LP

Bounty Killer – Hip hopera feat fugees 12” promo

Bounty Killer – My Xperience sampler w/ Jeru, Barrington Levy, Raekwon, Busta Rhymes 12”

Brand New Heavies – Mind Trips / Superstar Remix (prod Dj Premier, the Group home beat) (X2) 12”

Brick City Kids (artifacts) – Brick City Kids / What What (rawkus) prod Juju of
Beatnuts 12”

Brick Rebel Alliance – compilation – I think Mr. Lif’s first time on vinyl, Architects of Intellect, 7L and Esoteric (feat the Transformer Song “BE Alert”)

Buck 65 – The Centaur / Remix / 15 Minutes to Live 12”

Buck 65 – Wildlife 12”/ep (parts 1,2,3)

Buckshot – I Ain’t No Joke / Follow Me (from Funkmaster Flex mixtape) promo 12”

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BUMS – Take a Look Around / Groovebumz Remix / Rain (featuring Saafir)

Bush Babees – The Love Song (prod Posdnuous, feat Mos Def)

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Channel Live- Mad Izm promo 12”

Chief Excel feat Gift of Gab and LAteef – Fully Charged on Planet X / DJ Shadow – Hardcore Instrumental Hip Hop / Last Stop 12”

Chino XL – Dark Night of the Blood Spiller / Purple Hands in the Air 12” (Chino’s
first 12”)

Chino XL – Wake Up Show exclusives ep

Choclair – Just a Second / What it Takes 12”

Common – One Day It’ll All Make Senese 2LP

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CrookLyn dodgers (Chubb Rock, OC, Jeru, DJ Premier) – Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers (95, kids, who got the cocaine…) 12”

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Eastern Conference – Captivating Cultivating (rahseed, Eon, Ill advised) / Know a Little N!!!! / All in Together 12”

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Jedi Mind Tricks – The Amber Probe EP

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J-Live – Can I get It / Hush the Crowd / Domecracker Remix of Braggin Writes 12” (X4)

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J-Live – original Longevity / Braggin Writes 12” (this one is a little warped but should still play ok) (X3 – only one is a little warped)

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The Arsonists – The Session / Halloween 12”

The Cenobites (original pressing on Fondle Em) – LP

The D and D Project – 2LP

The High and the Mighty – Cranial Lumps / Hands on Experience (feat. El-P), It’s all for You 12” (X2)

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Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol 2 (feat Doug E Fresh, Jemini, Kool G Rap, KRS One, Chino XL, Ras Kass, OC, Saafir, Ahmad, BCC, Supernatural, Casual/Saafir/Tahjai, AZ)

Whitey Don – Artical! / Murderer (feat Chip Fu and Phife Dawg) – 12”

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