Friday, November 04, 2005

Makaveli in the ipod

- Paris Rioting: You might not know this because America is hella insulated, but did you know mothereffers are rioting in Paris on some Rodney King type ish? Schitt’s crazy.

- Kenny Meez and Federation Sound: Kenny Meez is that dude. As my dude Cosmo Baker once said, “Let’s put it this way: when Sean Paul comes to Philly, the first person he calls is Kenny Meez.” Peep the Philly Weekly What’s Up With… Kenny Meez this week. And when his rhythm drops, be sure to cop it. There’s a song with Vybz Kartel and Clipse floating around on Killa Kuts and it’s that murder. I believe it’s called “Double Shots” but I could be wrong. Anyway, cop that and cop that rhythm.

- Mike Tyson vs Bobby Brown: Most of you have probably seen this by now, but here’s Mike Tyson and Bobby Brown singing the Monster Mash. Really, really odd.

- Can I Quit Now: No you can’t quit! People are dying! What a douche. (thank you, the stencil)

- Graffiti and Thumbs: What the hell is this? What’re we regressing back to the middle ages? Cutting off thumbs? Ridiculous.

- Best Bun B Interview Ever: Damn Bun B is killing it in this interview (Part 1 and Part 2). Peep some of the schitt he’s saying about Little Brother from Part 2:
    I like Little Brother, man. But I wonder… The Minstrel Show...I wonder who's a part of the minstrel show? I know what they mean, but I think a lot of the people that they think are against them would pull for them. I really like them and I like their music and I know they are not making what everybody down South is making right now, but that don't mean we against you….I wear a lot of jewelry and s**t. I would be considered one of those flossy type n***as. But it's deeper than that. If you know me, you know that. I don't know but I do know that a lot of n***as like those cats’ music. But you have to be careful ‘cause you don't know, you could be turning away people that might be supporting you….I read in the article that they don't make the kind of Rap that people make today because they didn't grow up on that type of Rap. They grew up on NWA and Tribe Called Quest. So did I. Everybody did. I want to say the right thing about them cause I like them. I really want to find them cause I want to talk to them. I want to make sure that I didn't get them misinterpreted and that I didn't get a clue. I want to push for them n***as. They have some of the best music on the shelf, right now. I think they should have gotten a better look.

- Wow, Dem Black Folks Sure Can Do Some O’ That There Runnin’: My dude Joe Pa gets in on some of that good old-fashioned racism: "You have to be careful the way you say things sometimes….Poor [Air Force coach] Fisher DeBerry got in trouble, but the black athlete has made a big difference. They have changed the whole tempo of the game. Black athletes have just done a great job as athletes and as people in turning the game around." What the eff? No one would dispute that black folks have contributed heavily to nearly all of the big 3 sports, but what’s with the “them black folks sure are fast!” exoticization and insinuations?

- TO needs a TO: Ok, TO is definitely ackin’ the fu** up but, my whole thing is: (a) can we really be all that surprised and (b) folks are only gonna do what they can get away with. For those not paying any attention, TO agreed with a statement that Michael Irvin made that said the Eagles would be undefeated this season if Brett Favre was their quarterback instead of McNabb. Whether or not TO agrees with this or not (and I can’t imagine any sane person would agree with this), he should really keep the answer to himself, right? Wrong. TO is different than you and me. He doesn’t look at “sports” the same way you and I look at sports. Dude really isn’t all that concerned with winning because he’s smart enough to see the big picture: sports isn’t about winning; sport is a business just like any other business. And, just like any other smart business man, TO knows what his skills are worth to this team (i.e. basically everything) and so he knows he can pipe off and there’s not a lot the Eagles are gonna do about it. What should the Eagles do? They should just bench his ass. They should simply say “We’ve had enough. We don’t want you. We don’t need you.” To put up with TO is to suggest that his skills outweigh his off-field distractions and antics, and to suggest that is absolutely ridiculous. For all the class and poise and intelligence that the Eagles organization has had over the past few years, they simply can’t afford to allow TO to do this schitt and are absolute idiots to let this schitt continue. It’s true that without TO, the Eagles hopes of winning the ‘chip this year are basically zero, but it’s not like they’re really doing all that well anyway. They need to put their foot down…now. Again, folks are only gonna do what they know they can get away with. A precedent has been set and TO knows he can talk as much schitt as he wants and the Eagles aren’t finna do nathan. The Eagles didn’t give him his money (money that he probably deserved) and now he’s saying “Eff y’all.” I really can’t hate on that. It’s not real sportsmanlike, and it’s certainly not very courteous, but if you don’t define “sport” like you and I define “sport” and you see it for the business that it really is, you can’t hate on him too much. Sure he’s a jackass, but he’s in a position where he knows he can be a jackass and get away with it. The only thing the Eagles can do to save face at this point is to say “We’ve had enough.”



At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what joepa said was in n o way racist. the game HAS changed. and stating the reason why is just stating the reason why. can someone mention race without you screaming 'racist'?

At 11:24 AM, Blogger Rocco Chappelle said...


At 11:47 AM, Blogger emynd said...

Who's screaming anything? I don't think Joe Pa hates black people or anything, but what he said was dumb and, for lack of a better word "racist."

Sure the game has changed. Nobody is disputing that. And there's no disputing the fact that the presence of black folks have had something to do with that change. But, peep this shit:

"At one point, the topic of the teleconference turned to the increased scoring in the Big Ten this season. After first mentioning that improved indoor practice facilities have helped the conference recruit kids from warm-weather climates, Paterno offered a supplemental explanation. 'You have to be careful the way you say things sometimes," the Penn State coach said. "Poor [Air Force coach] Fisher DeBerry got in trouble, but the black athlete has made a big difference. They have changed the whole tempo of the game. Black athletes have just done a great job as athletes and as people in turning the game around.'"

I don't take particular issue with Joe Pa suggesting that "black athletes have just done a great job as athletes and as people in turning the game around," but I think it's silly to insinuate that scoring in the Big Ten is higher because there are more black kids in the conference. I mean, what the eff is that? It's clearly based on some sort of profiling that makes absolutely no sense. What? Is it the mythical, exoticizing argument that black folks are "more athletic"? And even if this were true, wouldn't there be just as much athleticism on the defensive end of things where, presumably, there were more black players, too? Or are we expected to believe that scoring in the Big Ten has gone up because there's been a significant increase in the number of black offensive players in the Big Ten? I mean, what the eff?

Surely the game has changed a great deal over the years, but I think to argue that game has changed on some silly anecdotal evidence that basically amounts to saying "black kids can run real well" is mildly retarded.

Folks are welcome to talk about race, and I absolutely encourage it, but I don't think suggesting that scoring has gone up because there are more black athletes is a particularly productive discussion about race.


At 11:48 AM, Blogger emynd said...

By the way, anonymous posting is weak.


At 11:50 AM, Blogger Rocco Chappelle said...

After reading Brown's emails, I'm finally understanding why there should never be a female President or homosexual FEMA head.

"I'm a fashion god"


At 12:38 PM, Anonymous blizzy said...

when he talks about tempo changing, he means going from a running game to a passing game. which penn state has, along with a couple other big ten teams. when you start passing more often, scoring goes up. dig?

ps- the majority of players who play positions that require bursts of speed are black. white and black people have different types of athletic talents.

At 12:42 PM, Anonymous blizzy! said...

oh yeah,

that was me the first time, i unintentionally left it anonymous.

having a faster roster means you should call plays to fit that profile.

a bunch of big white guys? grind the ball(old school penn state).

a balanced roster? mix it up.

At 1:09 PM, Blogger emynd said...

That's precisely the point though, bliz. The STYLE of the game has changed. That's why scoring has gone up. Is it because of the players they got? Yes. Is it because of the COLOR of the players they got? Perhaps, but should we really just accept this as fact on some "Oh black people are more athletic than white people" schitt? That schitt's ridiculous, dude. As far as I'm concerned, the notion that "white and black players have different types of athletic talents" isn't dogma and does more to exoticize black players athletic ability than it does speak to the truth of the situation.

And, somebody show me some damn statistics. Are there really that many more black players in the Big Ten now than there was in the past? Isn't it a bit irresponsible to just sort've anecdottaly suggest "Oh yeah, we're scoring more points because we got more blacks"?

Perhaps I'm jumping the gun by automatically saying "that's racist," but, at the very least, I don't think it's something we should just accept as fact.


At 1:20 PM, Blogger emynd said...

By the way, when I say "Are there really that many more black players in the Big Ten now than there was in the past?" I mean "recent past," not like 100 years ago.


At 1:28 PM, Anonymous blizzy! said...

As far as I'm concerned, the notion that "white and black players have different types of athletic talents" isn't dogma and does more to exoticize black players athletic ability than it does speak to the truth of the situation.

people of african descent in america generally have more 'fast twitch' muscles. this means they can react more quickly, and have faster bursts of speed but tire more quickly. this is true of most black africans except east africans, like kenyans/ethiopans/somalians. ie- long distance runners.

europeans generally have more 'slow twitch' muscles which, surprisingly, are slower but have more endurance. having this type is not advantageous to bursts of speed.

this, along with the 300 years of informal eugenics that was slavery can explain a lot.

"And, somebody show me some damn statistics."

please tell me you are kidding. you saying d-1 college football's racial demographic hasn't changed since the 60's when joepa started coaching?

At 1:30 PM, Blogger emynd said...

Dude, they're not talking about the '60's. They're talking about like two years ago.

And all that "fast-twitch" and "slow-twitch" schitt sounds highly suspect to me.


At 1:32 PM, Blogger emynd said...

In fact, they're not even talking about two years ago. They're talkign about "this season"!

Eff outta here with that "yeah we got more blacks" crap.


At 9:06 PM, Anonymous ken said...

Fast twitch slow twitch muscles talk is just as bunk as eugenics in general--that is to say, completely. Sounds Jimmy the greek-ish to me. Fuckin Daulton fuckin it up for everybody with his bell curves and statistics. But Jo Pa ain't racist; people can't be racist; systems are racist; people are stupid, or in Jo Pa's case, senile.

At 6:40 AM, Blogger ellen. said...

Stop hatin on JoePa. What's wrong with thinking something is a compliment instead of racist? His comments were in no way negative. If anything, he's noting the lack of running skills in the white dude. Chill. Mad props to JoePa.

At 6:42 AM, Blogger ellen. said...

Do you go to Penn State? I do. Just wondered. WE ARE

At 6:55 AM, Blogger emynd said...

I'm a Penn State Alum. By the way, it is possible to be complimentary and racist: i.e. Black folks have big penises.


At 11:31 AM, Anonymous illwafer said...

you'd know!


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