Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sally's got a one-track emynd...

We are Penn State!

- Sixers 0-2: OK, I give up. Sixers suck. Actually, I’m being melodramatic. They got beat by the Pistons last night and it was blatantly obvious that, at this point in the season, the Pistons are just a better team. Perhaps nothing is more depressing than watching a basketball game where you never feel like your team has a legitimate chance to win the thing. And the Pistons knew that. If the Sixers ever cut the lead to something like 8, you didn’t get the feeling that the Pistons were at all bothered or considered it a real threat. It’s like they didn’t even notice. They just came down and knocked down a shot that took out all of the Sixers’ gathering steam. So, yeah, the Sixers simply aren’t where they need to be yet. Igoudala had 8 points and Webber had a very quiet 15 or 16. Igoudala absolutely HAS to step up. We need 15-20 points a game from him. There’s no excuse for Salmons trying to make plays for himself and Igoudala not. I like Salmons’ aggressiveness, but it is vitally more important that Igoudala is a regular contributor than Salmons is. And, Salmons just really isn’t all that good. In better news, so far in two games, Iverson’s got 15 assists and only 3 turnovers. If he can keep that up, good things will happen. However, something that is extremely indicative of the type of player Webber is is that dude didn’t have any fouls before the middle of the third quarter. How can you be a 4 and not have any fouls before the third quarter? I mean, we all know dude is soft, but soft dudes can be aggressive sometimes, too, right? I’ve got a new-found respect for the big-man-that-always-gets-in-foul-trouble because now we’ve got a big man that’s too got damn soft on D to even make an ill-advised swipe at the ball. Get ill-advised! Commit a stupid foul! I beg of you! I’m still pretty confident that the Sixers are going to win the Atlantic this year. Luckily it’s a long season and it’s not so much how you start, but how you finish that’s important. If the Sixers are hovering just below or around 500 by the All Star break, I think they’ll be ok and make a run at it after the break. One thing that needs to be said though: if the Sixers continue on their current winning pace, they’re going to go 0 for 82. That’s scary!

- Sonics 0-1: The Sonics lost to the Clippers last night. What the eff? If the Sonics continue at their current pace, they too will be a whopping 0 for 82! What if both my squads have win-less years?! But, the Clippers stomped the Sonics by 30 in one of the first games of last season, so I’m not worried… yet. Dope sonics blog.

- Why Aren’t You in My Blogroll?: Chris ”why aren’t you on my blog-roll” “you are now on my blog roll” Lemon-Red has posted a couple roots dancehall burners on his unfudgewittable blog. Richie Spice’s “Youths Are So Cold” is piercing. The organ and the pre-hook “eeee-eh-eeee” is killing it.

- Certified ‘Hood Schitt: As if there’s not enough division in our nation’s poor communities, it’s rather depressing to read articles like this that articulate the growing resentment between “African Americans” and the “African immigrants” that they are coming in contact with in their ‘hoods.

- Electrocuted Squirrel Starts Grass Fire: WTF? Aint this some schitt?

- USC Halloween Prank: Hah. This is funny. Everything’s funny when you’re winning I guess.

- Hottest Shoes Ever: In all honesty, This probably isn’t a terrible investment. Some of these kicks are incredibly hot, too. I need these (what the hell are they?) and these. Now! **EDIT: Nevermind, these shoes break down to about $370 a pair. That's really not that great of a deal. EDIT**



At 11:29 AM, Blogger Joe said...

sonics are heartbreakers anyway, years of first and second round exits have withered my heart into a cold, irrecognizable form. but, i'll still be the first one whispering championship when they jump out to a 16-3 start again or whatever ridiculously inflated mark they put up last year.

At 12:52 PM, Blogger kc said...

webber has skills but the sixers don't need a big man who can pass and has a soft touch. they'd be better off with a Rick Mahorn (in his prime) type who can clear the boards and set lethal picks for AI. Korver and C-Webb are the softest front court in the league.

At 4:39 PM, Anonymous Ian said...

The Milwaukee Bucks are the fucking truth. Just as a basketball fan..."whoa".

And Lebron James is the god. That game was bananas last night.

Philly will be alright. CWebb--I haven't seen him move like this for seemingly years.

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Ken said...

At least Weber is going to be better than a lot of us thought this year.


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