Tuesday, November 02, 2004

There is no god.


Can someone please just explain to me what kind of country I fucking live in?

I am not one of these people. If you voted for the evil one, realize right now that I am not a single fucking thing like you.

Remember that shit.

This is-- without a doubt-- the most disheartening, disturbing, infuriating, and depressing day of my life.

To all the people that will be further disenfranchised by President Bush's terrible domestic and foreign policies, I pray for you and beg your forgiveness.

It's probably not of much concern to you, but in my defense, I voted for the other guy.

I'm sorry it didn't help anything.

And, as my boy jamie told me on IM:

jamie: the masses spoke
jamie: i'll paraphrase for them
jamie: "we're fucking idiots"



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